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A List of the Best Ethical Topics for Your Research Paper

Ethics are codes people derive from what they think is right and wrong. This branch of philosophy studies moral issues. Many college students need to create essays on different types of ethics. In order to create a compelling piece, you must choose an interesting topic. But most students find it hard to get good ethical topics.

As a result, the task of researching and writing becomes impossible. If you too are looking for a theme to kickstart your writing process, this article is what you need. We’ve created a list of the top issues that will make you excited about writing my essay.

Ethical Topics Related to Medical Ethics 

Medical ethics assesses the practices prevailing in clinical medicine. It is a set of values that guides medical professionals in conflict or confusion. Some meaningful themes in this field include:

  • Can you call surrogacy ethical?
  • Is it right to showcase pictures of deceased patients in the hospital?
  • On what basis can abortion be morally correct?
  • Are hospitals selling medical supplies morally correct?
  • Can you consider organ donation by a needy person in exchange for money ethical?
  • How ethical is it to recycle a medical appliance?
  • Are physician-assisted suicides ethically right?
  • Why do some countries consider gender determination ethical?
  • Is it right to make human genetic engineering legal?
  • Is it correct to use human embryos in genetic engineering studies?

Topics Related to Business Ethics 

Business ethics means the moral principles that dictate how businesses and people engage in an activity. It has many controversial issues, such as bribery, insider trading, and corporate governance. You can consider any one of the following business ethical essay topics for your paper.

  • Is it right to make marijuana sales legal?
  • Do you think utilitarianism is justifiable?
  • What is the philosophy behind bitcoin?
  • Can companies produce positive responses on social media platforms without overriding business ethics?
  • Do you think a company promoting its CSR initiatives on social media is ethical?
  • If an employee’s presence on social media is inappropriate, can the company fire him?
  • Why does the beauty industry places so much emphasis on plastic?
  • Do you think unequal wealth distribution is wrong in society?
  • Do you think installing surveillance cameras in offices for employees is ethical?
  • What is the ethical need to find and rectify workplace hazards?

Ethical Research Topics on Computer Ethics 

Computer ethics refers to a set of principles regulating the use of computers. You can regard it as a set of moral standards influencing behavior and minimizing harm. Some exciting topics in this realm are as follows:

  • What are the consequences of storing private information online?
  • Can you morally justify the act of hacking?
  • Discuss some effective ways of reducing cyberbullying.
  • Are computers truly secure enough to store so much data about a person?
  • How can you protect your fundamental rights in the virtual world?
  • Should every software be free or not?
  • Discuss the extent of work that can be left entirely on computers.
  • Artificial Intelligence is a truly revolutionary technology. Diss the moral problem that AI technology brings.
  • Examine the ethical clashes that occur when using drones.
  • Are facial recognition algorithms racially biased? 

Christian Ethics Essay Topics 

Christian ethics teaches people how to live. It asks what the Bible teaches us about which acts, attitudes, and personal character qualities get God’s approval and which don’t. Below are some great Christian ethical topics for papers that will surely inspire you. 

  • Ethical investment and charities
  • Study moral theology with Christian ethics
  • Why is divorce and marriage permissible
  • Write on the role of Christianity in positive changes in our environment.
  • Analyze the beliefs and practices of classical Christianity
  • Compare Roman Catholicism and Protestant Christianity
  • Do Christian beliefs hurt a patient’s treatment?
  • Analyze the basic elements of the Christian worldview
  • Study biomedical ethics as per Christians.
  • Study the personal skills and knowledge of Christians. 

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Some Debatable Topics for Ethics Research Paper

Ethics is an area that can always be debated. Different people have varying views about many things. Some debatable topics for ethics paper are as follows:

  • Why do some people find eating meat right and others don’t?
  • How ethical is it to divide the fundamental rights of women and men in various nations?
  • What makes straight people against LGBTQ+ people?
  • What makes firms reject qualified women to fill prominent positions?
  • Examine the racism issue and the best strategies to resolve it.
  • Are genetically modified products ethically justifiable to be used by people?
  • Should students be a part of political parties?
  • Is euthanasia ethical, and should every country accept it?
  • Why do many firms tend to hire fewer females than males?
  • How ethical is it to automate specific job roles? 

Leadership Topics for Ethics Paper 

Ethical leadership is showcasing proper conduct inside and outside the workplace and respecting ethical beliefs and values. It also means getting inspired by the dignity and rights of individuals around. You may brainstorm a good theme by going through the ones below.

  • What should be the key responsibilities of a leader?
  • Is ethical leadership a method to avoid scandal?
  • What moral problems does a leader encounter?
  • Analyze the principle of persistence in traditional morals.
  • What role does motivation play in the activities of a leader?
  • How do you think one should behave as per moral principles?
  • What is the matter of choice in ethical leadership?
  • How do you differentiate between ethics and rules?
  • Why is modern ethic innovation problematic?
  • According to ethical leadership, what constitutes responsible behavior?

Sports Ethics Topics for a Research Paper 

Sportspersons often need to choose between following ethics or winning. This field thus brings many debatable topics. You can get assignment help from expert writers if you need help framing your views. Use any one from the following. 

  • What moral issues does using enhancement drugs bring?
  • Do you think gamesmanship is morally unjust?
  • Discuss the moral duties of sportspeople.
  • Are there any ethical reasons to pay university athletes?
  • What are the ethical results of kneeling for the national anthem?
  • Study the prevalence of sexist bias in sports.
  • Was the abolition of the wild card system in the 2003 Olympics fair?
  • Does money exert an influence on the fairness of a particular sport?
  • What are the moral duties of a fair sport?
  • Whom should you make responsible if a player gets injured?

Nursing Ethical Essay Topics

Nurses care for a multitude of patients and often face ethical dilemmas. Issues can range from patient’s discomfort with treatment to refusing treatments based on personal or cultural ideologies. Get inspired by any one of these themes.  

  • The dilemma of informed consent. This occurs when there’s a concern that the patient does not fully understand the treatment they are undergoing.
  • How can nurses respect patient autonomy and deal with the refusal of treatment by patients?
  • Are the laws that enable nurses to overcome physician’s dominance justified?
  • Is the act of giving artificial nutrition and hydration to patients justified?
  • Are aggressive treatment interventions for patients in multi-organ failure states necessary?
  • What is the best approach as far as opioids go?
  • How can nurses deal effectively with patients who vigorously decline treatment?
  • How can nurses make anti-vaccine parents understand the importance of vaccinating?
  • Should every child be given a flu shot?
  • Discuss the autonomy of a nurse over patient’s treatment.

Some Easy Topics to Quickly Write a Research Paper

Don’t worry if you still haven’t found an interesting topic. Here are some simple ethical paper topics that have much research material available on them.

  • Is using animals to test products ethical?
  • What is the carbon impact of having kids?
  • Is spying on a person online ethical?
  • Talk about healthcare and ethics.
  • Discuss the ethical and medical impact of circumcision.
  • Examine the history of the Affordable Care Act.
  • Are child-free families good for society?
  • Should the government take charge of the press?
  • Review the pros and cons of universal income.
  • Study the value and ethics of social work.

Essay Topics on Criminal Justice 

It’s not uncommon to see those responsible for maintaining the law in ethically ambiguous situations. In the view of people, they haven’t done the right thing. Criminal justice ethics explores all these scenarios. Here are some ethical topics for papers on criminal justice.

  • Is lying in a workplace scenario ethically correct?
  • Is the innocent until proven guilty rule morally correct?
  • Do law enforcers have the right to access an individual’s personal data?
  • Can police remain impartial in every situation?
  • Should teachers teach ethics in school? Will it prevent crime?
  • Will the involvement of NATO in the Afghan war in America be morally correct?
  • Is incarcerating juvenile offenders ethical?
  • The moral duties that should regulate the permission given to prisoners to work.
  • Is capital punishment ethically justifiable?
  • How can you justify torture as a form of punishment?

What Makes an Ethics Paper Different from Other Essays?

Ethics is a subject that many Philosophy students study. This essay has certain unique characteristics which differentiate it from others. These include the following.

  • Addressing the primary ethical issue.
  • Employing an ethical perspective to make your argument about an issue.
  • Explanation of the ethical confusion.

An ethics paper is quite different from a narrative essay because it emphasizes elaborating on morality and ethics. It is also different from an informative essay because the latter is more engaged with educating people about a subject.

Finally, an ethics essay differs from other papers using first-person language. This essay always uses third-person language and takes a formal approach.

What Are the Key Elements of an Ethics Essay

After narrowing down topics for ethics paper, start preparing your essay on one. You need to use the techniques used in argumentative writing to create a good ethics paper. Some key elements of this essay should be as follows.

  • Start by discussing the topic’s significance.
  • Next, write your thesis statement.
  • After that, back your thesis statement with a firm argument.
  • Give evidence in support of the argument.
  • You must also give a counterargument that validates the reasoning.
  • Lastly, give rebuttal examples to prove your stance.

What Are Ethical Arguments, Dilemmas, and Legal Implications

When writing an ethics essay, you must understand some basic principles. To construct a quality essay, you must be clear about ethical arguments, dilemmas, and legal implications.

1.   Ethical argument or reasoning

This is those whose conclusion creates an ethical judgment. These arguments showcase a certain policy or behavior to be unethical or ethical. Put simply; it means taking a stand on a subject with moral implications and defending it. You make arguments to support your view on an issue that raises moral questions.

2.           Ethical dilemma or paradox 

It is an issue in the decision-making process. This issue is between two probable options, none of which is fully acceptable from an ethical viewpoint. An example includes taking credit for another’s work or using the inside knowledge for your own gains.

As students, you need to use certain approaches to resolve ethical dilemmas while writing a paper. These include refuting the dilemma, using the value theory approach, or finding alternative solutions. You can look for assignment help from experts to resolve ethical dilemmas effectively.

3.           Ethical implications

In an adverse occurrence, it’s crucial to determine ethical implications. For example, some ethical implications for research projects include the following:

  • Risk of distress
  • Risk of adverse impact or injury
  • A financial or reputational benefit to a person.
  • Privacy issues
  • Complaints about any research
  • Clashing interest
  • Coercion
  • Research design problems such as unsuccessful data collection and compromised integrity of data.

Start Writing a Great Ethics Paper!

Now you don’t have any shortage of ethical topics to write a research paper or essay. Find an area that interests you and explore the different subjects. Keep in mind the key elements of the paper while writing. If you need any assistance in topic selection or essay creation, talk to an assignment help service.

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