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The Best Synthesis Essay Topics for University Students

A synthesis essay gathers data from various sources. With the help of this data, this essay creates a new idea or question. Students attempting to write this essay should use unbiased evidence to prove their point. Having said that, creating a good essay is next to impossible in the absence of good synthesis essay topics. This essay involves creating a unique viewpoint on a specific subject by studying various sources related to it. It’s important for students to clearly present their views and use relevant details to guide them. In this post, you will find various essay topics related to different domains. You can use them to create your topic.

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Synthesis Essay Topics Related to Technology

The domain of technology is constantly evolving. You can find a lot of themes and write a good synthesis on any one of them.

  • Do modern technologies increase the gap between the very poor and the rich?
  • In your view, what is the impact of machine learning on a company’s productivity?
  • Artificial intelligence has brought about a 360-degree change in the workplace. Write how it has been able to do that.
  • Study smart cities and modern technology. Further, tell how changes in the system of transportation will influence cities.
  • Write how violent video games trigger violence in the real world.
  • Do you think that drones pose a privacy risk?
  • Study crypto-currency and explain its drawbacks.
  • Do you think technology is facilitating the development of a culture of entertainment?
  • Discuss the changes in technology due to artificial intelligence.
  • Do you think that big money impacts the development of specific technologies?

Essay Topics Related to Education

Many education topics for synthesis essays always seem to revolve around school prayer and uniforms. However, that will not be the scenario anymore when you go through the topics below.

  • Should homework be given to children in elementary schools?
  • Why don’t teachers in elementary schools teach cursive writing anymore?
  • Compare and contrast different dress codes in different schools. Further, you can compare the different rules of dress code for girls and boys.
  • Should students in American schools be required to learn another language apart from their mother tongue?
  • Examine and highlight the differences between charter and public schools.
  • Should there be armed security guards to protect schools?
  • Should college athletes be paid for winning competitions?
  • How can education for students with special needs be made better?
  • How can teachers identify the learning styles of students?
  • Should the government make higher education totally free of cost?

Good Synthesis Essay Topics for Society

Everyone in society faces some kinds of problems and has their fair share of victories. You can explore the following things in this domain.

  • In your view, how can abuse at the workplace stop?
  • Study the violence males suffer from females. Furthermore, list the stereotypes that surround this issue.
  • Why do you think men always hesitate to express their emotions fully?
  • Do you think everyone gets equal support from the government?
  • Study the modern U.S society and explain if it supports women like men.
  • In your view, should parents limit their child’s access to violent digital content?
  • Should the production of tobacco be made illegal?
  • Study the condition of immigrants in the U.S and the positions they can take in society.
  • Do you think smoking is promoted globally? If so, describe the reasons for it.
  • Do you think that hiring nannies is not good parenting?

Synthesis Essay Topics on Environment

Today, with the rising awareness regarding environmental protection, choosing a good essay topic has become easy. So here are some informative themes in this domain on which you can find lots of research material.

  • What is a decent level of pollution that poses no hazard to people’s health?
  • What causes global warming, and what are the best methods to reduce it?
  • What are some alternative fuels that are both effective and inexpensive?
  • Throw light on the damaging impact of chemical spills on oceans.
  • Can pollution be reduced through modern recycling methods?
  • Explain the climate change phenomenon and what can be done to improve the current situation.
  • If the entire world turned vegetarian, what impact would it have on the environment?
  • What is the impact of coastal ecosystems on the health of the world?
  • Write about the significance of individual contributions to saving nature.
  • Is the picture of environmental degradation that the media presents really true?

Issues on Ethics and Morality

You can explore the ethical aspects surrounding human practices and write a synthesis essay. There are many themes that will compel you to create a good essay.

  • Are workers’ health and work conditions a cause of concern?
  • Is it fine to breed animals that are genetically modified?
  • Study the distinctions between nature and nurture. Furthermore, explain the one that is important.
  • Do you think science is compatible with religion?
  • In your view, which theory most convincingly explains the drivers of human behavior?
  • Do you think morality is linked to how qualified a person is?
  • Does greater wealth make people happier?
  • Should euthanasia be legalized?
  • Do you think abortion is wrong from a moral point of view?
  • Are there any moral facts in existence?

Topics Related to Art

Art is truly an area that is like a gold mine for different essay topics. The variety of art movements, genres, and styles pave the way for numerous topics to choose from. However, before writing, don’t forget to create a synthesis essay outline. It will help you immensely when you actually begin writing.

  • Examine the artistic styles of modern conceptual art.
  • What led to the emergence of art fairs in the early 2000s?
  • Does modern art serve as the correct medium for showcasing activism?
  • What are the technologies that define 21st-century art?
  • Highlight the multiplicity of forms in art.
  • Take Christopher David White’s work, Heart of Gold, and describe its structure.
  • Analyze the composition, symbol, and style in Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper.’
  • What led to the emergence of Paris as an art center in the 20th century?
  • Can you consider graffiti a type of art?
  • Does art education help students to think differently?

Synthesis Essay Topics on Immigration and the American Dream

It is projected that between 2005 and 2050, the U.S will add nearly 117 million people due to new immigration. These new people will shape the future of the U.S. You can look at various synthesis prompts below to discuss issues pertaining to this topic.

  • Do you think the American dream exists?
  • In your view, is immigration a threat to Americans?
  • Can racism be put to an end in the modern world?
  • Study the common causes of immigration. Further, write the reasons you think are most important.
  • Discuss the reasons for the American dream to originate.
  • What is emigration? Discuss its causes.
  • Explain the manner in which culture changes when immigration increases.
  • What is illegal immigration?
  • Can happiness be measured?
  • Do you think that many lives have been ruined by the American dream?

Topics Related to Movies and Television?

Almost everyone is fond of watching movies and TV shows. Writing a synthesis essay on one of the topics pertaining to this domain turns out to be an interesting process. Below are some good synthesis essay topics for you to study.

  • Is queerbaiting in TV shows right or wrong?
  • What are the bad and positive impacts of TV shows on growing students?
  • Do reality TV shows portray the truth, or are they entirely fake?
  • What is the longest TV show?
  • Throw light on the changing nature of television in the previous decade.
  • Can only talent allow you to become a famous hero, actor, or actress?
  • Examine some movies with alternative endings. What purpose did they serve?
  • Can true friendship happen in today’s competitive entertainment industry?
  • Do people who watch violent TV shows tend to become violent in real life as well?
  • Why do actors become bored of playing the same role over many years?

Some General Topics to Write an Essay

Apart from topics on different domains, you can also get many general ideas. The subjects below are a mix of different spheres. It will appeal to those who have not yet found a good topic for themselves.

  • Do you think reading celebrity memoir is worth it?
  • Is it possible to overcome poverty once and for all?
  • Do you think the media provides enough coverage of the issue of global warming?
  • In your view, does sex education meets its intended purpose?
  • Is the existing education system effective? Give reasons for your views.
  • Do you think the death penalty is critical? Explore the concept of homeschooling. Also, write if it is effective or not.
  • Do you think poetry serves an essential purpose?
  • Has technology turned into a threat to conventional classrooms? If yes, explain how.
  • What variables stimulate fashion?
  • Do you think voting is compulsory for everyone?

How to Pick a Synthesis Essay Topic?

When it comes to penning down a synthesis essay, students generally have two choices. The first one is to pick a subject from a list of those given by their teacher. The second is to find a suitable theme by themselves. Increasingly many university professors are giving students the freedom to choose a topic of their choice.

While it is a good thing, it can also sometimes confuse students. After all, there’s much to explore. If you find it hard to narrow down a topic or write on it, it’s best to look for professional essay assignment help. Use these techniques to figure out a good subject for yourself.

Choose a topic that genuinely interests you.

An interesting topic is one where you don’t tire of researching for hours. So, if you are wondering whether a specific topic interests you or not, ask yourself if you can spend a large amount of your day researching it. If you cannot imagine yourself studying the topic for even an hour on a stretch, it’s best to look for another one.

Find a niche that is not too narrow or broad.

Students often commit the mistake of selecting a too broad or narrow topic. If you choose a subject that has too much research material, you wouldn’t be able to create an effective synthesis essay outline. The same is the case with topics that are narrow and don’t have much study material on them. So, ensure that your topic is specific enough to create a short essay. It will prevent you from struggling while writing.

Choose a debatable topic.

It is essential for your theme to be debatable. A synthesis essay example of a debatable topic is whether social media makes people less social. It is because people can take opposing viewpoints on this subject.

There is no use in selecting an issue whose agreement has been achieved. This is because nobody would be ready to debate it. It will not excite your readers, and they will not read what you have written.

Choose a topic on which a good amount of research material is available

Some topics have obvious research materials, and they cannot change. But you shouldn’t choose such subjects. In contrast, find those issues on which research is underway and is subject to change. This will bring new insights and will make you come up with unique arguments. Thus, your paper will become more creative and interesting. You can seek professional help if you encounter issues in finding such a topic.

Wrapping up

After reading this entire post, you won’t struggle to discover exciting synthesis essay topics. Go through all of them and find the one that appeals to you the most. You can also contact an academic writing service to get dedicated assistance in creating the best essay. The team of writers will not only help you find a relevant topic, but they will also assist you in getting adequate research material on it.

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