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  • How to calculate the time value of money?

    You can calculate TVM through a simple formula. This formula has five variables, namely, the future money value, the present money value, the rate of interest, compounding periods yearly, and overall years.
    FV = PV (1 + i/n) raised to the power n * t
    Here, FV is the Future Value of money and PV is the Present Value of money. I implies the interest rate, n is the compounding period every year, and t is the number of years.

  • Can you give an example of the time value of money?

    The following example will aid you in understanding the time value of money better. Suppose someone offers you $15,000 to purchase your car. But they propose to give you $15,500 if you permit them to pay two years from now. According to TVM, $15,000 has a greater worth today than $15,500 in two years. Suppose you invest the money from selling your car today for $15,000 in a CD that pays you 2% each year. This amount compounds monthly. Here’s how to calculate TVM.
    FV = $15,000 x (1+(0.2/12)) raise to the power 12*2 = $15,612

  • How can the time value of money lead to better decisions?

    When you understand this concept, it's easy to predict the future amount of this money correctly. Proper knowledge of this concept will make you realize that time is money and that you can find the net worth of your future ROI. If you need more assistance in using this concept for problem-solving, consider speaking to our time value money assignment helper.

  • Is the time value of money important in capital budgeting?

    Yes, the TVM concept influences capital budgeting decisions significantly. When a firm invests in a project, it is only after many years that they generate a positive cash flow. The business needs to find out if those positive cash flows in the future are crucial for the upfront investment. It is where the TVM concept enables them to determine whether to invest in the project.

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How Does the Present Value of Money Differ from Future Value?

The present value is the worth of the future money sum today. This concept forms the foundation of stock pricing, banking, bond pricing, and insurance. This value gives an estimated amount to spend today for an investment of a specific amount at a particular point in the future. You can also call it a discounted value. It signifies to investors that the money they get today has the potential to earn a return in the future. You can calculate the present value through this formula.
PV = CF/ (1+r) raise to the power of n
Here, CF is the future cash flow, and r refers to discounted return rate. N shows the number of years.

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The future value of money is the sum that will compound over a period with compounded or simple interest. Investors use the future value to determine the future value of their investment. In simple words, this value tells you the amount of money you’ll receive in any future investment.
Here’s the formula to calculate it.
FV = PV/ (1+r) raise to the power of n

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The Key to Solving Time Value of Money Problems

Every time value of money problem consists of five main components. These include periods (n), interest rate (I), present value (PV), periodic payments (PMT), and future value (FV). According to the time value money assignment help experts, identifying any four components lets you determine the fifth component.

For instance, you invest $100,000 presently at 10% compounded yearly. Now you need to find the worth of this investment in two years. Here, you must identify any four components so as to figure out the fifth one. In this question, PV is $100,000. Further, the interest rate is 10%. You want to know the investment’s worth in two years. So, the number of periods or n is 2. Now, you need to know what periodic payment (PMT) is and the future value or FV. It isn’t clear in the question, but if you look closely, you’ll find the periodic payment is 0 mainly because it isn’t specified.

Now, you only have a fifth component to figure out, which is the future value or FV. Use the TVM formula and find it out easily.

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Topics That Our Time Value Money Assignment Help Covers

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Cash flows for TVM calculations.

Cash flow is the money a company gets. It can be cash or its equivalent. For TVM calculations, four kinds of cash flows are used. These include

  • The future value of a lump sum

  • An annuity’s future value

  • The current value of a lump sum

  • The current value of an annuity

Our Time value of money homework help experts knows the right way of calculating TVM from these cash flows.

Cash inflow

Cash inflow is the sum that a business gets from investments, sales, or financing. It’s the opposite of cash outflow, in which money leaves the business. It’s crucial to know how to compute it to capitalize on available resources. You can seek our assistance if you find this topic confusing.

Future value of an asset

The future value of money is the same as its worth in the future. It showcases the growth rate that a specific asset will have over a period. The future value displays the worth of your existing savings. You can learn more about this concept by seeking our time value money assignment help online.


It means finding out the existing value of a company or an asset. There are several valuation techniques financial analysts use to determine the future earning potential of an asset. It helps them know if an investment is undervalued or overvalued.

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  • Students find it difficult to devote sufficient time to solving time value of money problems. If they try to hurry up, they usually end up with a wrong answer.

  • TVM problems have five variables described above. Students generally don’t have a good understanding of these variables, which makes them unable to solve the problem correctly.

  • Another reason is the heavy calculation that almost every TVM question requires. It increases the chances of making errors.

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