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What do you mean by Demand and Supply?

Demand and Supply is the crucial concept of economics. Demand is about the quantity of any service or product that consumers are willing to pay for. Whereas, Supply is the amount of the product that the market is capable of producing. The concept serves as the primary model for determining prices. The balance of supply and demand in a market determines the price of a good or service. In equilibrium, the amount of product that manufacturers supply and consumers requirements are equal. The Demand curve, Supply curve, Equilibrium price, and laws of Demand and Supply are all parts of this concept.

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Application of Demand and Supply

Economics is a vast subject that incorporates production, consumption, and distribution concepts. Two major subfields of economics are Macroeconomics and Microeconomics.

Macroeconomics focuses on overall economic measures, such as national output and income, while Microeconomics examines markets and individual economic units, such as consumers and firms, and their decision-making processes.

The concept of Demand and Supply comes under microeconomics. It is the study of how buyers and sellers interact to establish transaction prices and quantities. In simple terms, Demand is the product requirement (quantity) from the purchaser, and Supply is the product delivery capacity of the producer. The Demand and Supply analysis helps in deciding the product market price, which we call an Equilibrium price. In equilibrium, the Demand and Supply quantity is equal.

There are various supply and demand rules and analysis methods, such as laws of Demand and Supply, Demand curve, Supply curve, excess demand, shifts, etc., that provide a clearer understanding of the Demand and Supply notion.

Understanding Equilibrium

When an item or service's price is set in a way that allows for a balance between customer Demand and Supply over a specific period of time, this is known as market equilibrium. Market equilibrium aids in maintaining a balance between supply and demand.

As a student, you must understand the effect of equilibrium change and its impact on Demand and Supply curves.

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Demand and Supply Topics that we Cover

We have qualified Demand and Supply Assignment Helpers who can offer the best support with topics such as:

  • Demand and Supply theories
  • Compute, analyze, and discuss the variables influencing the price, income, and cross-price elasticities of demand;
  • Compare the impacts of substitution and income
  • Differentiating between superior and inferior commodities
  • Describe the declining marginal returns phenomenon
  • Calculation of APL (Average product of labor), MPL (Marginal product labor, STC (Short-run total cost), etc.

MPL: The change in the overall product divided by the change in labor hours is known as the marginal product of labor (MPL).
APL: It is calculated by dividing the total product of labor by the number of labor hours.
STC: STC is the sum of the overall expenditure on fixed capital and the total labor expenditure.

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