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  • What are the major principles of change management?

    Successful change management is a result of four principles. The first is understanding the change, the second is planning the change, the third is implementing the change, and finally, communicating the transition to the workforce.

  • How does change management help?

    Change management ensures that new changes get implemented uninterruptedly. It brings the organization's members on the same page. The benefits of change management include better communication, productivity, and enhanced decision-making. Thus, it results in a positive work environment.

  • Can you give me a change management assignment sample?

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  • What are some examples of change management?

    Many leading companies have displayed examples of effective change management. Some crucial examples include the migration of Sophos to Salesforce CRM, the introduction of a new IT roadmap by Sykes Enterprises, and Microsoft’s strategy to integrate sales automation tools. also embraced Google Workplace instead of Office 365, and it is another good example of effective change management.

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Best Practices for Change Management

There are various best change management practices that help organizations benefit from smoother transitions. The first is mobilizing active and visible sponsorships. The sponsor should support the change by giving effective action, motivating others for its adoption, and making influential decisions about the change.

After that is the application of a defined approach to managing change. It helps designate sufficient time for activities that support the change. The change should also be communicated frequently and openly to those for whom it is useful. It’s also imperative to help the workforce understand why change is important and its impact on them.

Finally, dedicating adequate funding and resources to facilitate change management ensures that it gets implemented.

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The Three Elements of Effective Change Management

A successful change management plan has various pillars. The most important ones are stakeholder, change impact analysis and a communications strategy. These pillars depend on the particular nature of an organization. A stakeholder and change impact analysis leads to risk assessment. It shows the impact on stakeholders because of the change.

To make stakeholders understand what is changing, you need a communications strategy. The successful change also hinges on the vision of a desirable future. Without a sensible vision, no change effort can be fruitful. This vision needs to be implemented with the correct method.

Another critical element of successful change management is the will of the professionals to change. By changing daily behaviors and the workforce, change gets effectively implemented with desirable results.

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Five Proven Models of Change Management

For a business to evolve, it needs to make changes constantly. Employing a change management model helps in the successful application of changes. You can take our change management assignment help online to understand these models for your coursework.

1. Lewin’s change management models

This model splits the change process into three phases. The first is unfreeze, which means assessing every step of the process to find scope for improvements. The second phase is called make changes, focusing on educating people about the new systems and communicating the change to employees. The third is the refreeze stage, in which the management conducts regular reviews to ensure that the change is effective.

2. The McKinsey 7-S model

The McKinsey model gives seven aspects of an organization. These are strategy, structure, systems, shared values, style, staff, and skills. It says that analyzing these aspects is crucial to find how they apply to the company and relate to each other.

3. Kotter’s Theory

This model says that we should focus less on the change and more on the individuals behind it. It inspires a sense of urgency to implement change and helps organizations adapt to the changing climate.

4. ADKAR Change Management model

This is a bottom-up method, focusing on the people behind change. It lays down five objectives. These include an awareness of having to change, a desire to support the change, knowledge of the right way to change, the ability to implement the needed behavior, and reinforcement to maintain the change.

5. Bridges’ Transition model

This approach lays down three stages of transition: The first is ending, losing, and letting go. In this stage, employers should listen to their employees and reassure them about providing support. The next is the neutral zone, in which employees do all the hard work to adapt to the change but don’t experience any benefits yet. The last stage is the new beginning, in which employees start experiencing the benefits of the change.

A Real-Life Example of Change Management

A great example through which you can understand change management is that of Domino’s Pizza. In 2008, the reputation of the brand was very poor, and it was desperately struggling to stay relevant in the evolving business landscape. It was at this time that Domino's noticed that they received more orders online than offline.

This led the top management to focus its efforts on making the online ordering experience a unique one. They wanted to do something different. So, they emerged with the idea of delivering the order within 30 minutes. If it took more than this time, the customer wouldn’t need to pay any price. This move differentiated them from their competitors.

Over the years, it has made several successful changes to its usual operations. For instance, now it is possible to order a Domino’s pizza via text messages from virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Home. The company has also developed various customer loyalty programs to increase sales.

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“The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.”
- Charles Kettering
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