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  • Can you give a few examples of unfair labor practices?

    Some examples of unjust labor practices include discriminating against elderly workers and denying promotions or benefits to certain staff members. Unequal pay for workers in the same job and making offensive remarks about certain employees are other examples.

  • Are there any disadvantages of employment law?

    According to online employment law assignment experts, there are certain disadvantages of employment law. It includes paying employees when they are on leave (maternity leave) and high costs. Employment laws are also very dynamic, and lawyers often need to adhere to strict court deadlines and engage in exhausting trials.

  • Why is employment law significant for HR professionals?

    HR managers must be well-versed in applicable employment law to secure employee rights. This, in turn, prevents the company from facing lawsuits and legal expenses. HR managers should be familiar with themes related to employment law, such as corporate recruitment, compensation, and the changing employment laws and environment.

  • Can you provide me with free samples of employment law assignments?

    You can check out a sample on any topic of this subject by connecting with our experts. Doassignmenthelp provides complete help with an employment law assignment to students. We will provide you with free samples on a variety of topics so you can find out the quality of our services.

  • How is employment law different from labor law?

    Employment law regulates the connection between employers and the workforce. Contrarily, labor law regulates the process that arises when employees consider a labor union for themselves in their dealings with their employer.

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4 Major Examples of Situations Causing Workplace Conflicts

Conflicts are common in every organization. The secret lies in resolving them immediately so that they do not cause workplace conflicts. If not dealt with timely, the conflicts can disturb the company's productivity. Here are four major examples of workplace conflicts that can adversely impact production.

1. Resistance to adapting to change

Over time, employees get used to their usual work routines. But if the management restructures the workplace and changes the nature of the job for an important reason, employees show resistance in adapting to it. In this situation, it is the management's duty to enable employees to understand the significance of this change and how it benefits them. If they cannot do so, it can turn into a full-blown conflict.

2. Absence of clarity in assigned jobs

It is crucial to make the employees clearly understand their job profiles. When job expectations are frequently changed, it confuses the staff. That's why it's good to have regular training sessions to enable employees to learn about their roles and responsibilities clearly. If you want to find out more examples of how unclear job roles create conflicts, contact our employment law homework help experts. This theme can be a part of your coursework. So, it would be best to understand it comprehensively.

3. Lack of communication

Poor communication between teams and team members is another reason for workplace conflicts. Team leaders should communicate effectively with those in their groups so that everyone understands the instructions thoroughly. The senior management should be transparent and approachable so employees can turn to them when they need any kind of clarification. Lack of communication increases miscommunication and misunderstandings, causing conflicts in the organization.

4. Increased workload

Some workplace conflicts arise when employees are burdened with too much work. This causes them to feel that they are being pushed too hard. Unmanageable workloads eventually build up resentment as it eats into free time. If management fails to investigate this problem, they will ultimately face a major workplace conflict and lose skilled staff.

Topics We Provide Help With

Lawyers in the field of employment law represent either management or union workers. Attorneys also advise the management or the labor on issues in the workplace, those concerning wages, work hours, employee policies, and severance arrangements. This law embodies criminal, labor, constitutional, immigration, and class action law. Our employment law assignment help online will help you learn the roles and features of federal and state employment laws, employer responsibilities, and the scope of this law. From case notes and case studies to legal essays, our law experts will assist you with any kind of coursework.

  • Basics of an employer and employee: This topic entails studying labor burden and the costs associated with it for a company. You will understand the basics of employer-employee relationships.

  • Private ordering and limitations: This field encompasses the rights and duties between parties engaged in an employment relationship. It examines the laws to balance different interests and contractual obligations between the workforce and the employers.

  • Tort-based protection of workers: There are a wide variety of workplace torts. Our employment law homework help services cover various kinds of workplace torts. These include employment discrimination, unlawful demotion, wrongful failure to promote, termination, and defamation.

  • Employee autonomy in the workplace: It comprises workers' privacy and creating an autonomous culture. Employees should have some amount of control over how they complete their work and accomplish tasks.

  • Workplace property rights: This theme is organized around property rights and associated workplace interests. Some key themes include competition, employee loyalty, and intellectual property rights. Consider our assistance in making an assignment on any of these topics.

  • Statuary protection for the workforce: Various federal laws safeguard employees and prevent discrimination. Connect with our online employment law assignment expert to learn about crucial topics like worker's compensation, FMLA, FLSA, and OSHA.

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