Most Common Questions Students Ask

  • Can I write a dissertation in two months?

    If you need to complete a long dissertation, two months are not enough to pick a topic, conduct a survey, evaluate evidence, and write. All these steps take several months and, if done correctly, will help you write the dissertation in two months. However, for short dissertation projects of bachelor's or master’s, two months are adequate, provided you dedicate time to preparing for the dissertation correctly.

  • Can I earn a Ph.D. without a dissertation?

    A dissertation is mandatory for most colleges in the U.S. However, it is also true that writing is a lengthy process. Students of Psychology, Law, International Education, and Nursing have the option of getting a Ph.D. without a dissertation. Instead of a dissertation, you need to submit a research project or a series of articles on a topic. You can seek expert dissertation writing services to understand the framework for creating them.

  • Why do so many people quit their Ph.D.?

    Almost half of the students quit their Ph.D. after starting the program. Most feel tired after researching for extended periods. They feel burned out after about four years of researching and writing. It has an adverse impact on their physical and mental health. That is why if you, too feel overwhelmed by the demands of forming a well-balanced thesis, consult our online dissertation writing service professionals.

  • Why is it hard for me to write a dissertation?

    Dissertation writing is a challenging process because there are many chapters to write. Each of them needs a lot of research, effort, and motivation from students. The aim of writing it is to create a fully original piece of work on a well-defined topic. Students often feel confused while selecting a topic, planning, and researching. Moreover, getting acquainted with the general structure of writing this academic piece also takes significant time.

  • How many pages long is a dissertation?

    Most dissertations do not go over 300 pages. These pages include suitable sections as per the structure of this research work. Long dissertations have various chapters, divisions, and subdivisions. These include the title page, thesis, abstract, and the like.

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What to Know Before Writing a Dissertation

Completing a dissertation is certainly an achievement. Here are some things you should know as you sit down to create this coursework.

Dissertation writing is an independent, self-directed process. So, it might feel overwhelming at times. But to eliminate this feeling, you can approach this work as a new experience. Remember that you will be learning and increasing your knowledge immensely during this process. It will make you feel more excited than stressed.

Ensure to seek support from your peers and professors throughout this process. You can also connect with the best dissertation writing service experts at Doassignmenthelp.

Thesis writing will also develop your writing skills, which will prove valuable later in life. Besides, this process also sharpens your critical and analytical thinking skills. Finally, you will also become better at managing your time while writing this piece.

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After receiving your request, we will pick the most suitable writer to guide and assist you. The writer will have full knowledge of your topic and discipline. As a result, they will be able to assist you in developing the best thesis possible.


Get the dissertation copy.

After creating a draft of this piece, we will inform you through email. Go through the copy and find out if you want some changes in it. Your writer will help you improve the piece if the need arises.


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Research Topics Our Custom Dissertation Writing Service Cover

DoassignmentHelp is a one-stop shop for all of your dissertation writing requirements. We offer dedicated writing assistance on various research topics to students in different fields.

These include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Engineering management topics
  • Sociology topics
  • History topics
  • Philosophy dissertation topics
  • Environmental engineering topics
  • Management topics
  • Arts dissertation subjects
  • Nursing topics
  • Chemical engineering topics
  • Project management topics
  • Religion and theology topics

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Key Steps to Effective Dissertation Writing

A successful dissertation project goes through several stages.

  • Abstract – It comes at the beginning of the research work and is a summary of your entire work. It provides brief information about different sections in your paper.

  • Introduction – The introduction outlines the objective and focus of your thesis. It should be framed in a manner that draws the reader in.

  • Literature review – This refers to a survey of various scholarly sources associated with your research question. It situates your dissertation in relation to the present knowledge.

  • Dissertation methodology – A dissertation methodology describes what you did and how you arrived at the results. Through it, the reader can assess the validity and reliability of your dissertation.

  • Results – In this section, you report the significant findings after collecting and analyzing the information. It is essential to report the results objectively and concisely in a logical sequence.

  • Discussion – This is the section where you find the significance and relevance of your findings. If you need assistance explaining your results, consult our dissertation writing service.

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