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Trending Technology Research Topics for a Thoughtful Paper

Technology is an ever-evolving field, with newer devices being developed at an unprecedented pace. Some of the most common yet great examples are your voice assistants, Alexa and Siri. Living without tech gadgets is surely impossible today. Paradoxically when it comes to making a research paper, many students feel stuck from the beginning itself. This gets reflected in their inability to find good technology research topics. Writing such a paper allows you to explore the fascinating realms of tech. It also helps you to enhance your skills of analysis and boosts your writing. In this post, you will find exciting topics to create a research paper. 

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Inspiring Technology Research Topics for College Students

In the sections below, you will find the best topics that will help you kickstart your research. You can analyze any one of them and develop your views.

Topics related to digital health

In the field of digital health, there are many uncharted territories. It’s always nice to explore these areas and expand your knowledge.

  • How effective is the management of diabetes with wearable trackers? 
  • What are the challenges in practically implementing AI-powered medical technologies
  • What is the impact of educated patients on the development of electronic medical record software?
  • Impact of skin-checking applications on dermatological practices
  • Explore the likelihood of 3D-printed medications for enhancing treatment adherence. 
  • Can patients’ input in constructing medical facilities lead to improvements in treatment outcomes?
  • Is e-Learning really effective in improving patient outcomes?
  • Are electronic health records genuinely secure?

Reproductive technology research paper topics

Reproductive technologies assist in animal and human reproduction. Due to their presence, those dealing with infertility can create a family. You can use these interesting ideas for your research paper.

  • Analyze the most effective methods for infertile couples to conceive a child.
  • Do you think mechanical reproduction is ethical?
  • Explain the best ways to deal with the issue of unwanted pregnancies.
  • Do you think there should be an awareness about adopting frozen embryos?
  • Can health insurance plans take care of infertility technologies?
  • What qualities make a person a parent?
  • Should there be more research into assisted reproductive technology?
  • Is the thought of cloning to bring back an extinct species feasible?

Pharmaceutical technology topics for research

Pharmaceutical technology deals with the composition, formulation, manufacturing, and quality control of commercially manufactured medicines. This field is undergoing rapid innovation, and you can prepare your research paper on any latest trend in this domain. 

  • How effective is medication therapy management?
  • Do prescription drug monitoring plans truly serve their purpose?
  • What is the latest in the area of the development of the AIDS vaccine?
  • Examine the influence of phenotypic screening in pharmaceutical studies.
  • Do pharmaceutical technologies truly secure your data?
  • Will cannabidiol drugs be used in pain management in the future?
  • What is DNA-encrypted library technology?
  • Are plant medicines superior to other kinds of medicines?

Good topics in the genetic engineering domain

Genetic modification or engineering uses lab-based technologies to modify the DNA make of organisms. That organism can be an animal or a plant. This field is witnessing rapid developments. You can consider any of the following topics about technology and explore it further.

  • Do you think genetically modified food will resolve the hunger problems of the world?
  • Is genetic engineering a massive part of people’s lives? 
  • Write an essay on the ethical issues of genetic modification.
  • What are the effects of genetic modification on health and disease?
  • Write about the creation of designer babies because of changes in technology.
  • Should genetic testing be employed in the workplace?
  • How does plant genetic engineering affect global security?
  • What do you think is the ideal way to resolve the issue of genetic diseases?

Topics related to technology’s impact on relationships

Technology dominates not only business, travel, and work but also relationships. It has made it possible for people to carry on conversations without seeing each other face to face. Use any one of these topics about technology and its impact on relationships for your next essay.

  • How are the distractions of various social media channels impacting workplaces?
  • Can teachers effectively integrate social media into the curriculum of students?
  • What is the impact of texting on a person’s ability to communicate physically?
  • Should there be stronger social media privacy?
  • Is taking legal action against someone for posting particular kinds of photos on social media justified?
  • Can texting make the family relationship strong?
  • Should there be a cap on the amount of technology a teacher can use in the classroom?
  • Why does constant texting tend to make people less respectful of one another?

Best technology research topics on military technology.

The history of military technology development spans a big period. The following topics will allow you to delve deeper into this domain and understand it better.

  • Write on the aircraft carriers that Britain, Japan, and the United States built in the 1900s.
  • Explain the manner in which technology is changing the way intelligence is gathered.
  • Write on the development of battleships from the 19th century onwards.
  • Study biological warfare in detail. Also, write about the biological weapons that various scientists and engineers in different countries adopted.
  • Write on bomber warplanes. Explain their working and intelligence capabilities to choose damage to appropriate targets. 
  • Study chemical warfare from the 1890s and write on the casualties it produced.
  • Study missile defenses and how they have evolved since the second world war.
  • Research on chemical explosives. Further, find how the discovery of molecular explosive nitro-glycerine triggered widespread curiosity.

Research paper topics related to transport technology

The domain of transportation technology is advancing every year. Here are some great topics about technology to create a paper on. 

  • Examine the scope of aircraft construction throughout the 20th century.
  • Assess the legacy of the Interstate Highway system. Your paper can also include its role in the development of U.S transit.
  • What difficulties did transportation face in the past, and how have they been resolved in modern times?
  • Assess how military transport helps in achieving critical operations in the army.
  • Will Connected Autonomous Vehicles become the next milestone in the field of public mobility?
  • How effective are traffic control models based on Artificial Intelligence?
  • Can complex system software enhance road management?
  • How are transportation and communication interlinked when it comes to informing about disasters?

Technology research topics that are trending

Modern technology is evolving at a quick pace, leading to faster progress and change. From the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been the emergence of many new tech trends. You can dive deep into any of these trends by using the topic below as an inspiration. 

  • Where are technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality truly making their impact?
  • What are the real-world applications of quantum computing?
  • What is the future of electric cars?
  • How will the advances in early disease detection benefit humanity?
  • Blockchain technology is achieving more real-world use cases. So you can examine the ways in which it will get employed in the coming years.
  • Study the security of work-from-home setups. 
  • How can Artificial Intelligence impact cyber security?
  • Explore some use cases of Augmented Reality. 

How to Choose Good Technology Research Topics

It is easy to feel overwhelmed in the presence of so many themes. But before you get anxious, go through the tips below. They will help you to come up with a strong topic for your research.

  • The topic should have a clear main idea – You must be able to explain it in simple and catchy language.
  • Choose a theme relevant to your audience – This theme should improve the current knowledge levels of your readers rather than confuse them.
  • Use themes about new and upcoming advances – Technologies are growing rapidly. So, you must not limit yourself to old ones. 
  • Pick a topic that helps you give unique data – If a topic has a lot of research work, you cannot come up with something new. Ensure that the topic allows you to put forward a unique perspective.
  • Create a brief research title about technology – Your title should not go beyond 15 words. Also, it must not have an exclamation point and must be grammatically correct.

You can get online assignment help for topic selection and tips to develop your paper in the best possible manner.

Choose a Great Topic For Creating an Intriguing Paper

Hopefully, the long list of technology research topics will give you enough inspiration. Now, you can explore the various domains and go with one that aligns with your interests. Use the tips at the end if you feel too overwhelmed with the choices. You can also speak to a professional academic writer to gain more clarity over preparing quality research content. 

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