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Master Marketing Case Study Writing [Explained With Examples]

Case studies have become an important marketing tool to persuade potential customers by displaying your products. After all, they are an excellent way to take the prospective customer through your product’s journey. Further, a marketing case study demonstrates all the possible ways in which your products can be utilized. Consequently, a case study helps you attain your business goals.

It would be ideal to state that a case study is a type of evaluation or a sales tool that inspires future customers to act. In this blog, we will elaborate on the concept of marketing case study along with some useful examples. So, let’s jump in and learn this powerful marketing strategy through logical explanation and database.

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What Is A Marketing Case Study?

Simply put, a case study is an in-depth research method to acquire a clear understanding of a process or a subject. It enables us to recognize the functionality and success of a product or service by focusing on measurable solutions including visitors, sales, production hours, etc.

marketing case study depicts stories. When it comes to business management, case studies explain all the essential ways through which a certain product or service aided a company or an individual to attain its objectives.

Moreover, marketing case studies utilize the data of existing customers to illustrate what your product or services are capable of achieving. Many companies also hire case study help specialists to depict an insightful journey of their products.

Here are some major elements of a marketing case study:

  • Customer or client’s introduction.
  • Client’s problem that is required to be solved.
  • Presenting the solution. Here, explain what makes your software or company the best choice.
  • A detailed data of pre and post applying the solution.

By now, we can clearly see that a case study is a documentation of how a company functions. Besides, it is a fantastic way to build a sense of trust among the customers.


The Importance of Case Studies In Marketing

The marketing case study is a mighty tool to show the power of your products and services, display your expertise and generate trust among the customers. In short, it is a significant item in the sales funnel.

When a new customer arrives at your door, a case study assists them through their decision-making process. How?

Mostly, people get confused when there are a variety of options available in front of them. In such cases, a well-defined and elaborated case study puts you forth as a potential winner among all the contenders. In this way, when a customer is just about to make a purchase, they have a fine view of all the issues laid out in front of them, and “YOU” are the most suitable solution!

As a business, you must build case studies as per each buyer persona that you serve. All these efforts later pay off by impacting a company’s sales. After all, you are “showing” your customers what it is like to use your products and how it facilitates their lives.


Different Types Of Marketing Case Studies

Before we lay out the examples of some successful case studies for you, let us take a glance at three major types of case studies in marketing:

  • Client case studies/ Third-person case studies: These case studies describe the experience of a specific client associated with your company. Someone who has been using your products or services for quite a while. It includes the issues you are trying to resolve for the client, the solutions you have implemented, and the outcomes you have achieved. An assignment help expert can assist you in writing the case study.
  • Explanatory case studies: An explanatory case study describes the effect of a tactic or a strategy. Further, it explores how it leads to the growth of that certain company. An explanatory case study is an observation rather than a depiction of a first-hand experience.
  • Implementation case studies: This type of marketing case study aims at the implementation of a system, product, practice, strategy, etc. It focuses on covering everything in detail.


The Perfect Way to Format Your Case Study!

It is important to stick to a specific format while writing a case study. Otherwise, you would only end up with information that’s all over the place. Here is a standard format to write successful case studies:

  • Introduction: An introduction helps in building the background context of the situation.
  • Challenge: Explain all the core issues the customers were encountering.
  • Solution: Provide a general overview of the service or product that was used by the customer.
  • Benefit: Recall the top benefits of the solution and why choosing it was the right decision.
  • Result: Give a detailed overview of the positive results gained through solutions and benefits.


Crucial Elements of A Successful Case Study

Let’s have a look at the different important components of a marketing case study.

  • Title: An informative case study title quickly provides the background context.
  • Subject: Provide a descriptive history of the company, product, or service in the picture.
  • Objective: What do you wish to achieve in the context of the subject?
  • Visuals: Befriend visuals if you wish to create a compelling case study.
  • At least 2-3 strategies: Devise multiple strategies to demonstrate and justify the test.
  • Tactics: Mention the tactics that help your implemented strategy work.
  • Conclusion:It majorly focuses on a pre-defined call-to-action. You can also specify significant takeaways to the customers.


What Should Be The Appropriate Length Of A Case Study?

When it comes to writing a case study, it has been observed that keeping it to the point is the best.

An impactful case study consists of meaningful information presented compactly. Make sure to build a link between the details you share. It helps in creating a powerful story. Or, you can simply hire a case study help specialist to do the job for you.


Inspiring Case Study Examples to Boost Your Knowledge

Example #1: Adobe – Royal Bank of Scotland

The case study describes all the solutions offered to the Royal Bank of Scotland by Adobe. There were multiple challenges involved, such as – encouraging decision making through data-driven solutions, removing disjointed systems and relevant as well as convenient digital experiences.

With Adobe’s efforts, there was a 20% hike in conversions. Furthermore, internal communications were improved with faster optimization. Consequently, leading to a decline in their content management footprint.


Example #2: Instagram- Converse

Let’s talk about the “Gram” now! Converse is one of the most popular clothing brands on Instagram. It has left Nike behind with a high percentage of engagement rate.

Well, it all started when Converse started collaborating with popular artists and influencers. Their engagement spiked up after their official alliance with Tyler. Thus, they ended up producing a short film with him.

Through this observation, you can clearly see that collaborations are an awesome way to boost your social media results. If you are an online marketer, this marketing case study offers a vital quick fix to your problems.



Example #3: Bitly – Vissla

Vissla, an e-commerce platform, was in dire need to recognize big data on a diverse range of marketing platforms.

Therefore, Bitly came forward with a solution to integrate the data. Moreover, it helped Vissla by combining all the channels and displaying the information on a solitary dashboard.


Example #4: Google Ads PPC – Saraf Furniture

PPC or pay-per-click was the invention of Google. Despite the latest global advancements, it remains a powerful ad revenue generator.

An exceptional marketing case study example depicts Google Ads’ role in boosting Saraf Furniture’s monthly lead generation. Consequently, the company hired 1500 more carpenters to streamline their business. This is a third-person case study type for trust-building.


Example #5: L’Oreal – YouTube

The marketing team of L’Oreal worked hard to describe YouTube’s role in their product launch strategy. They effectively used YouTube in their best interest which helped their new launch secure the second position in that particular category.

L’Oreal was able to achieve a 34% increase in the percentage of the total sales across all their online retailers. In their marketing case study, they have described how they strategized using YouTube along the different stages of the marketing campaign.


Example #6: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions – HubSpot

It all started when HubSpot was looking for some quality leads to upscale its business. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions was a perfect solution for them to link with marketing professionals from medium level and small enterprises.

They devised the strategy to target these businesses using webinars, e-books, and how-to guides. The organic but sponsored content is displayed in the LinkedIn feed of the targeted members.

Do you know what happened next? The efforts paid off and HubSpot was able to gain a whopping 400 percent boost in leads by targeting the potential customers on LinkedIn.


Example #7: Email Marketing – Your Therapy Source

A few moments ago we talked about L’Oreal’s marketing efforts through a video platform. Let’s now see how e-mail still works as an effective and efficient medium in 2021.

Your Therapy Source, with its commendable attempts, has proven that email can be an excellent marketing tool. It has successfully secured a 2000% ROI (return-on-investment) by incorporating email marketing in its campaigns.

They have put their best foot forward to explain everything in detail about the efforts they put in to attain successful results.


Example #8: Asana – Carta

Asana is a project management platform that enables companies to efficiently manage their work. Carta then used Asana to enhance transparency and intra-departmental association across the organization.

Further, Carta simplified all the growth-related processes. For instance onboarding and hiring of the employees. This case study is a great example of a lived experience rather than simple metrics.


Example #9: Lion & Lion – Rimmel

Rimmel, a British cosmetics brand, is a popular name in the make-up industry. At the time of its re-launch in Malaysia, Lion & Lion (Rimmel’s digital marketing agency) routed for social media. After all, nowadays that is the best way to influence prospective customers.

As per the data, it was observed that consumers believed beauty to be beyond external beauty, and a way to exude confidence. That’s when Rimmel came up with its #makeupyourownrules campaign. It focused on self-expression and something that emits confidence.

All their efforts lead to an extensive increase in brand search and share-of-voice. Eventually, five years after the launch, Rimmel gained a 3 times increase in its market share target.

Are you struggling with your case study writing projects? An assignment help professional with expertise in case studies can help you out.



Example #10: Trend – Warby Parker

This is an interesting campaign that was run under a limited budget using influencer marketing. Warby Parker’s campaign, “Wearing Warby” showcased many influencers donning and flaunting Warby Parker glasses. It focused on showing how Warby Parker glasses come in handy and fit into your everyday life.

They put life into even the most mundane tasks wearing Warby Parker. As a result, the customers found it to be more approachable


Example #11: AdRoll – Yoga Democracy

AdRoll is a popular medium for remarketing. It helps in tracking the visitors so that you can show them certain targeted advertisements online.

Yoga Democracy incorporated AdRoll in its process to harness the power of remarketing. As a result, the company experienced a 200% increase in conversions and a 50% decline in the CPA. Further, they were able to generate at least 19% of the total revenue solely through AdRoll.

This remarketing or marketing case study is a wonderful example of the implementation case study.


Wrapping Up

The marketing case study is one of the most effective tools to compel prospective customers into acting in favor of your company. We have touched upon various important aspects of case study writing. And we hope you found our compilation of case study examples helpful. Also, We tried to include case studies executed using different mediums such as YouTube, remarketing, LinkedIn, e-mail, etc.

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