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How To Write A Report: Essay Writing Service

A report is quite different from essay writing. The purpose of any report writing is to provide information and share analysis. Its intention is to understand the performance of a business which in other terms helps in making future decisions.

To provide you with a basic understanding of reports, in this guide, we have discussed the format used in report writing.


Is Report Writing Similar To Essay Writing?

Report writing is not similar to essay writing in many aspects. In a report, facts and calculations take place but in an essay, it depends on the topic.

In a report, elements like efficiency, competition, and protocols are discussed. While in essay writing, it may or may not be included.

In a report, external sources have to be given credit while in essays, there is no such need. However, research is essential to writing both a report and an essay.

Now, let’s move to the topic and discuss how to write a report.


Things To Learn Before Start Writing A Report

Before writing a report, you have to perform the tasks in order to get the desired result of your report writing.

It includes:

1. Decide the objective of the report writing

2. Put together all headings and subheadings

3. Collect data from research

4. Include all the sources


Follow The Structure To Write A Report

Now, you are all set to start writing the report. Here is how you can write a report efficiently and effectively.


1. Title And Title Page

The details on the title page should be brief and give the intent of the writer and the intention of the report. Hence, the title should be self-depicting.

Further, other details like your name, the date, and the name of the professor to whom you are submitting the report should be included.

1.  Avoid writing a title too long or too short (keep it under 10-12 words).

2. Be precise in your words.

3. The title should be unique.


2. Terms Of Reference

In this section of terms of reference, you can include three points that will help readers understand the requirement of the report.

First is the Audience to know who will read or for whom it is useful to study this report; second is Purpose interpreting the reason for writing the report, and third is Methods showing how you wrote the report

You can form these details in a paragraph or use subtitles for each.


3. Abstract (Summary)

The abstract is the first part of a report that is read and interpreted by the readers. It is a summation of the entire report. Here includes the conclusion and key points of the discoveries of the writer.

It’s the highlighted part of a report that is responsible for creating curiosity and developing interest among readers. Therefore, ensure to provide a clear and insightful overview of the report.


4. Table Of Contents

The table of content is the section, where you can add chapters or headings, or both. Page numbers have to be given with each chapter/heading.

Organize content in a way that if readers want to read a specific topic, he/she can jump onto the page without any hassle. Use the same pattern for numbering throughout the table.


5. Introduction/ Context/ Background

It is also the summary in a report except that it doesn’t discuss the conclusion. Instead, this is the trailer of the report. The purpose is to introduce the reader to problems, the scope of solutions, strategies, researched methods, and parameters of the research and report.

You can also include a brief background/history to understand how it evolved from this to that.



6. Methods And Findings

In some reports, writers include separate headings for methods and results.

Method includes:

1. Description of all data collection

2. List of equipment used

3. The procedure followed and their explanation

4. Relevant materials and preparation details

5. Problems encountered during the experiment

6. Subsequent changes made in the procedure


7. Result

The section results include a summary of the results of both the experiments and investigation. It can also add diagrams, charts, graphs, or tables of data in support of your result.

Do not confuse it with a conclusion. It is just the report of the experiments performed presented in a logical order without including comment.


8. Discussion 

This part should be covered under the main body. If the discussion is lengthy, then split it into sub-sections. All the details should be mentioned in a clear, easy to understand, and arranged properly. It includes:

1. Discussion of materials

2. Analysis of facts and evidence collected

3. Discuss specific problems faced


9. Conclusion

For any report, parts that add supreme value are the introduction and the conclusion. While writing the conclusion, follow the points mentioned below:

1. Summarize all the points

2. Refer to the findings and discuss

3. Cite its utility in real world

4. If the result does not appear positive, suggest or plan how it can be next time.

5. Introducing new information in this part can prove to be a blunder. Avoid it.


10. Add References

Generally, all reports include external sources. So, make sure you give credit to the writers and researchers whose sources you have used in your report.


11. Appendices

If you have referred to any interview or any material to prove your point, do mention it here. In this section, you can give credit to that person. Such an act will increase the credibility of your report.

You can use tables, graphs, questionnaires, surveys, or transcripts.


12. Bibliography

Bibliography refers to the list of sources used in assignment help. Here, ensure that your bibliography should list all published sources in an alphabetical manner referred to in your report.

Further, if you want to include but not highlight the texts consulted, you can put them under a separate heading such as ‘Background Reading’.


13. Acknowledgement

This section is dedicated to the appreciation of an individual (s) or organization who provided information, advice, or help.


14. Glossary Of Technical Terms

This is an appreciated section where you can list technical terms in alphabetical order. You can also add acronyms, abbreviations, or standard units used in your report.


Wrapping up…. Your Turn!

Although there are various differences between report writing and essay writing, a few things remain the same. Like research, outline and knowledge are the key elements of both. With that we hope, now you are confident to draft your first report or you can revise our guide until you are done writing one. Further, if you are seeking professional help, our writers from all over the world will assist you 24/7.

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