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Learn How To Start Blog Writing Successfully In 2021

Blog writing is in trend now more than ever before. Everyone wants to be a blogger.

Some wish to follow it as a passion, while others adopt it as a full-time profession. Either way, every blogger or budding blogger wants to get the job done quickly yet effectively. While you might find a way to start a blog, most people get stuck in between and feel clueless about carrying it forward.

Once you understand what it takes to make a blog successful, you’d be able to achieve unbelievably amazing results. So, in this post, we are going to share how to smoothen your blog writing journey.

Why Do People Blog?

Before we jump in and discuss the process of start a blog writing, let us first look at the reasons why people get into blog writing.

  • It serves as an excellent platform to showcase your creativity.
  • You get to establish your authority by displaying expertise and building your audience base.
  • It helps in enhancing your writing and judgment.
  • Blogging is an intelligent way to form a network of like-minded people and propel your business growth.
  • You can get some extra cash flowing with blogging as your side-gig.

If you are a blogger with in-depth academic knowledge, you can even start providing professional essay writing service to students. This is a great career option, or you can even choose to work as a freelancer alongside your full-time job.


How To Start A Blog In 2021? Step-By-Step Process

#1. Choose A Niche

The first step involves selecting a niche, which is basically the field or industry or area you would be focusing on.

This is an important step since it would, later on, affect the quality of your output. Hence, indulge in the deep evaluation and identify the topics that get you excited. What do you most enjoy? It could be about anything, such as education, travel, science, technology, fashion, etc.


#2. Select The Perfect Blogging Platform For Yourself

Well, this is another crucial step that will remain a part of your blog writing journey. Choosing a blogging platform that matches your requirements is essential. While WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr are some of the most popular options, there are several others that people like to use.

The platform helps you control your blog and its functionalities. There are both free and paid versions available in the market. Assess your needs first, and then go for the one that you find most suitable for your needs.

Free versions have their own set of limitations, while paid ones offer innumerable benefits.


#3. Decide On A Domain Name; Also The Blog Hosting

If you wish to launch a blog on WordPress.org, there has to be a web hosting company and a domain name.

What’s a domain name?

It’s the name used for your blog by which it gets known on the internet. You should perceive it as the address of your blog.

Now, your blog name has to be easy yet catchy. Even the assignment help services run their blog to improve their online visibility and strengthen the audience base.

Your blog’s name is what brings a familiarity factor among the readers. In fact, there are a few online tools for generating a custom domain name.

Now, the web hosting provider of your blog impacts its performance and functionality. It makes your blog accessible to the audience and stores the content.


#4. Set Up Your WordPress

After selecting the web hosting company, the next task is performing the set-up. This requires you to follow the prompts or directions as guided by the software.

Then, go ahead and launch your blog. If you have chosen a host such as Bluehost, you will get to customize your blogging site. Once you are done and finally launch the site, it will go live.

Then, there would be plenty of options within the dashboard to ensure the content comes out to be impeccable, put-together and with a finished look.


#5. Select A Design And Theme

What is the first thing that people notice when they open a blog? It is the layout and design. If a blog is visually appealing, the audience would be encouraged to check it out further.

Make sure your blog stands true in terms of feel and looks. The theme is the deciding factor of how the blog would turn out to be.

A few pointers to consider while choosing a theme:

  • Check out the description to understand its functions and features.
  • See the preview.
  • The ratings will provide you with an idea about the theme’s quality.


#6. Write The Content And Publish The Blog

So far, we have discussed the process of establishing a blog, laying its foundations and how to do all the back-end work. Now comes the main part.

Ideate, explore, do your research and start writing the first draft of your blog. You need to ensure that blog brings value to the reader’s life. Follow a proper structure and do the fact-check. Make it interesting and compelling enough to make the audience return to your site.

Here is another important thing, do not forget to fill in the details in the static pages before making your blog live. This includes, About Us, Contact, Homepage, etc.

How do you assure high-quality blog content? Here is a simple 3-step rule of start a blog.

  • Point: Introduce the main idea of your blog.
  • Prove: State an example of the idea you are talking about.
  • Perform: Share the method of executing the idea.

This is a fantastic approach highly preferred by essay writing service specialists, too.


#7. Search Engine Optimization Of Your Blog

SEO is the crucial component for boosting a site’s traffic in search engines. When a website is optimized, it helps you attract the target audience online and improve the organic results.

There are several SEO techniques that you can apply as per your needs. This includes keyword optimization, SEO meta tags, etc.


#8. Promotion And Marketing

Even if you write the most interesting and hot-selling content in the world, your efforts will remain futile without proper marketing efforts. This is how you grow your network and make yourself known in the industry.

It could be as simple as promoting your blog among friends, family and mates. Next, you can start engaging on relevant forums, social channels and blogs. Try interacting with bloggers from the same community as your niche.

For instance, if you are an assignment help expert, interact with students looking for your services. Guest blogging is another great option.


Final Words of Start a blog

People have a general perception that you can start blogging only if you are a great writer. However, that is not exactly the case. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to blog writing.

You need to follow a systematic approach to enjoy successful outcomes. Blogging allows you to share your thoughts, knowledge and information out there with the world. If you wish, you get the blog monetized and turn it into a source of income.

Whether you are an assignment help provider or have a passion for education; anyone can blog. Just keep your approach right and establish a strong foundation early on. We hope you enjoyed reading this post and found it insightful! 

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