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Jazz Up Your Writing Skills with Interesting Conclusion Starters

A meaningful and good conclusion is as important as the introduction of a write-up. Its primary purpose is to give a sense of closure to the readers. Further, it should effectively persuade the readers into accepting your arguments and thoughts. Hence, you need some catchy and exciting conclusion starters to successfully wrap up your essays or assignments. Also, don’t forget to recall the important core idea of the introduction as well as the main body and concisely mention it in the conclusion.

The way an essay ends plays a huge role in impacting the audience’s perspective. It serves as a way to grab their attention. Today, we will be discussing how you can write impressive and perfect conclusions.

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What Are Effective Conclusion Starters?

A conclusion generally marks the end of an academic paper, blog, or any other piece of writing. It is a summary of all the important points or concepts mentioned in the write-up. As you conclude a paper, it sums up all the ideas rather than ending abruptly.

Here are a few important characteristics of good conclusion sentence starters:

  • It provides a clear and brief overview of the core subject.
  • It encourages the readers to form a perception of the topic.
  • The conclusion provides a sense of ending to the readers.
  • It emphasizes the claims and evidence that support the arguments.
  • It lets the audience recall how powerful your arguments are.


Many times students and writers fail to assess the true power of concluding remarks. This makes them either skip the conclusion or write a weak ending.

However, if you really want to leave a strong impression on the readers’ minds, you must formulate an effective statement. Thus, you must learn about how to start a conclusion and provide it with a smooth ending. It should make them ponder over the topic long after reading your essay or research paper. After all, what you leave your audience with would remain in their memory storage.

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Important Factors to Consider While Writing a Conclusion

There are a few things that can make or break your conclusion writing experience. Thus, always be careful of these specific aspects as you start writing the conclusion of your paper:

  • Avoid introducing any new idea, topic, or point in the conclusion. The conclusion is the part where you are supposed to sum up everything you discussed in the previous paragraphs.
  • The conclusion paragraph starters should be impactful enough to imprint on the audience’s mind.
  • You should only focus on the key ideas that you wish to communicate to your readers. Never emphasize other, less important elements.

Here’s How You Write a Good Conclusion Paragraph!

Now you may be thinking to yourself, why we are putting such emphasis on composing a conclusion! How difficult could it be?

But, trust us! Most people get baffled when it comes to writing conclusion sentence starters.

The conclusion of your paper has to be thoughtful and impressive to read. Some of the wonderful ways to conclude a write-up are:

  • Put up some provocative questions
  • Write quotes
  • Include a call-to-action
  • Insert a warning to shock the readers as it will make them alert

Conclusion Outline Rules You Should Remember

As per the rules of the conclusion outline, here are the major elements that you should consider while structuring the conclusion paragraph:

  • Always begin with good conclusion starters.
  • Write a quick summary of all the key points you mentioned in the body.
  • End the conclusion with a closing sentence.

Understand the Core Purpose of Conclusion Starters

As you write a concluding paragraph, you need to give it an opening sentence. Such sentences are known as conclusion starters. They act as a connecting element between the body of your write-up and the conclusion.

Hence, you must always work with a conclusion starter. It helps inform the readers that the essay or a certain topic has reached its end.

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Top Conclusion Starters for Impressive Conclusion Paragraphs

Let us share a list of some of the best conclusion sentence starters to make your writing impactful and effective.

Simple Conclusion Starters:

  • Lastly
  • In general
  • In conclusion
  • As expressed
  • Therefore
  • Hence
  • Finally
  • Clearly
  • Given these points
  • Ultimately
  • In drawing to the closure
  • Nevertheless
  • As per my opinion
  • For this reason
  • All aspects considered
  • With all these in mind
  • In a nutshell
  • On the whole
  • Considering from the perspective of
  • Thus, it can be restarted
  • As expressed
  • Surely
  • Cutting a long story short
  • Eventually
  • As shown above
  • Based on the above discussion
  • Now that we know
  • As I see it
  • Altogether
  • Overall
  • All in all

Useful Conclusion Paragraph Starters for Students

  • As a final point
  • For the most part
  • For these reasons
  • In my opinion
  • I conclude that
  • So, I have come to the conclusion that
  • The broad conclusion
  • Towards its end
  • After all has been said
  • For the most part
  • To wrap it all up
  • The informative conclusion is that
  • In effect
  • In the end
  • The summative conclusion is that
  • The time has come to
  • I think we have shown that
  • In the future
  • Without doubt
  • I agree with that
  • I hope you
  • To review
  • Now you know why
  • Upon considering all the facts
  • When faced with the questions of

Conclusion Starters for Research Papers

A research paper is cantered on presenting the observations and findings of a specific study. In the conclusion, you need to focus on the major observations and their implications. Generally, research papers end with the idea of motivating readers to conduct further research on the topic.

Moreover, make sure your conclusion paragraph starters follow a formal tone. Here are some of the best ways you can begin the conclusion of your research papers with:

  • Data seems to indicate
  • What the study reveals is
  • As per the final analysis
  • In the light of these findings
  • The data clearly indicates
  • Upon analyzing the data
  • What we now know is
  • Based on the evidence presented
  • While additional research is needed
  • With results like these, it seems
  • To extrapolate from the data
  • The results of this study demonstrate
  • The major revelation from this study is

Major Conclusion Starters: Ideas You Can Use

  • I would like to say finally
  • One final idea
  • As I observe things
  • To make a long story short
  • My personal take on
  • What it boils down to
  • It is worth re-examining
  • After discussing
  • Although
  • No one could have assumed that
  • At the end of the day
  • Since
  • It is my conviction that
  • After discussing
  • It is my conviction that
  • My verdict is that
  • My final bow is that
  • While
  • The research proves that
  • It is my sincere belief that
  • That was the conclusion reached
  • When all is said and done
  • To get to the heart of the matter
  • To cut to the chase
  • What I believe to be true
  • What are we to think about
  • My personal take on
  • In simple terms
  • To plainly state the facts
  • As I see things

General Conclusion Starters for Students

  • It strikes me that
  • My reflections on
  • To finish off
  • As evidence shows
  • I am convinced that
  • It seems clear to me that
  • My last point is
  • On the whole
  • To briefly review
  • My final question is
  • Based on the evidence presented
  • There must be no doubt that
  • My final thoughts are
  • As this paper demonstrates
  • The summative end is that
  • Through this research, we learn that
  • It is my conviction that
  • After discussing
  • My final bow is that
  • The nexus between

Wrapping Up

As much as you emphasize on focusing the introduction and the body, you need to make sure the conclusion is equally impressive. Crafting a good conclusion is not a piece of cake. It is a skill that requires practice, and good writing techniques. Hence, you must be careful of the conclusion starters in your papers. The conclusion decides whether or not the reader will remember your write-up long after reading it.

So, we have shared lists of some winning conclusion starter ideas to help you with your academic and professional writing assignments. You may also hire an assignment help expert to assist you with your tasks. We hope you found this post helpful!

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