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90+ Engaging Speech and Debate Topics for Kids

Participating in a debate can easily propagate a learner’s critical thinking as well as social skills. When you go through the facts of academic research, engagement in debates has shown incredible impacts on children’s learning. Debate topics for Kids make them conducive to presentation, life-changing, and cognitive skills.

The prominent objective of the educational system should offer umpteen opportunities to kids for contemplating real-life hurdles. A proper training system can encourage them to express constructive criticism, intellectual development, and foster creative and critical thinking. It can be achieved through practical and useful training for students’ minds such as debate, speech, and exercises to write my essay activities.


What Is a Debate?

A debate is a process of digging and scratching information in order to find a solution. In other words, discussion among two or more people over a topic is a debate that leads them to explore ideas. Thoughts of Leela Koenig, a team leader in the English-Speaking Union’s Speech and Debate department, expresses, “Debate is the ability to see one statement or idea from various perspectives, through critical thinking, critical listening, and critical speaking.”


Four inseparable elements of debating:

  • Reasoning and digging evidence: without turning your debate into a heated argument, make sure to fight with facts and statistics.
  • Effective expression delivery: work on your pace, tone, body language, and verbal communication to engage your audience.
  • Constructive learning and answering: effective learning will help you keep the notes of facts in mind and make you more responsive in thought sharing.
  • Proper organization and prioritization: keeping your consciousness on what to say, how to say, as well as when to say makes you a good competitor.


Debate vs. Speech

The debates, as well as speech both, are the part of verbal communication in which you address a group of people. However, what strategy you opt for throwing your perspectives to your audience makes a huge difference.

Debate shares opinions between two or more people that contradict each other whereas speech reflects one’s opinion on any given topic. In a speech, there are two faces of communication that include the audience and speaker, sharing thoughts on a particular topic. You cannot disturb your speaker in mid of speech.


Debate Topics for Kids in Education

  • Which would you prefer, private or public schools?
  • Should it be necessary to implement mid-day meals in schools?
  • Do assignments help in upgrading students’ learning exposure?
  • Should the use of mobile phones be in schools?
  • Should sex education be part of school learning?
  • What is more effective online learning or traditional schooling?
  • Is the excessive burden of studies causing anxiety and mental problems to students?
  • Should students focus on STEM Education rather than music and arts?
  • Is online education making students less productive?
  • Should schools promote nationalism?
  • Could detention be effective in keeping students in discipline?
  • Should school administration ban fast food?
  • Is sex education inclusive LGBT essential in schools?
  • Should schools include career-oriented practical classes in early education?
  • Is it okay to have drug testing in schools?
  • Should animal testing be banned?
  • Should the government work on girls’ education?
  • Do students need a college degree for a good job?
  • Is college education free for girls?
  • Should laptops be accessible on the school campus?


Debate Topics for Elementary & Middle School Kids

  • Is online gaming ruining the future of kids?
  • Should digital devices replace the traditional system of learning via books?
  • Should moral education be a part of the school curriculum?
  • Can good grades decide the learning capabilities of students?
  • Should physical education be mandatory for all students?
  • Should kids be present in parent-teacher meetings?
  • How does parenting affect the overall development of students?
  • Is excessive homework wasting scholars’ time?
  • Are late-night activities hampering kids’ health?
  • Which is better: storybooks or cartoon networks?
  • Should soda be banned for kids?
  • Should teachers allow kids to go on field trips every year?
  • Who are better: cats or dogs?
  • Should teachers allow kids to bring pets to school?
  • How long should playtime be in a day?
  • Should school uniforms be compulsory for everyone?
  • Should physical education be mandatory for all kids?
  • Is punishment bad for students?
  • Is art/drawing enhancing critical thinking in students?
  • How can we develop the nature of sharing and caring in kids?


Debate Topics for High School Kids

  • Do better grades in school guarantee a bright future?
  • Which is a better way to expand learning exposure: classroom studies Vs. self-studies?
  • Should internet access be banned inside the school campus?
  • What should be more important for us: success or money?
  • Government or people; who are responsible for global warming?
  • Are organic products helping in tackling environment-related issues?
  • Is online gambling good or bad?
  • How could you justify the involvement of parents in children’s lives?
  • Is peer pressure harmful to kids’ overall development?
  • Should topics related to girls’ health be discussed openly in class?
  • Use of plastics in packaging should be prohibited: true or false?
  • Students should be vegan or non-vegan.
  • Which is the best school system: mixed-sex education or single-sex education?
  • Is pocket money spoiling kids?
  • Is it fine to punish or scold kids for their mistakes by parents?
  • Impact of excessive use of social media in kids’ lives.
  • Is education a deciding factor in people’s success?
  • Is gender inequality weakening the education system?
  • Bullying should stop in schools.
  • Is GAP an out of style method for analyzing students’ knowledge?


Debate Topics for Kids Related To Technology

  • Electric cars are the new future of the automobile industry.
  • Does the advancement of technology destroy the essence of education?
  • Exposure to social media is beneficial or harmful for people’s development.
  • Is online schooling a new future?
  • Is the development of artificial intelligence beneficial to humankind?
  • Impact of technology on people’s productivity.
  • Which one is better: Android or iOS?
  • Are we influenced by technology or we are controlling it?
  • Should we use technology in traditional classrooms?
  • Is it safe to use digital payment gateways?
  • Which one is more preferable: online vs. offline shopping?
  • Providing coding classes to kids: beneficial or harmful?
  • Should countries restore net neutrality?
  • Should parents monitor their kids’ social media activities?
  • Do we need to impose more strict laws on the use of the internet?
  • Do companies overlook cyber security?
  • Is watching Netflix hampering students’ mental and sexual health?
  • Smartphones are a boon or bane for students.
  • Is sexual exposure in movies disturbing the mental health of children?
  • Is technology improving people’s quality of life?



  • Is LGBTQ marriage affecting society?
  • Which is better: traditional marriage or a loving relationship?
  • Should smoking be banned in public areas?
  • Is the #me-too movement outdated?
  • Will nationalism affect globalization?
  • Checking out social media platforms impacts people’s mental health.
  • Should all women have access to abortion?
  • Is feminism affecting our societies and quality of living?
  • What is best for children: Joint family or nuclear family?
  • Are working parents neglecting their children’s upbringing?
  • Are we serious enough to take care of mental health?
  • Is spirituality helpful in improving emotional well-being?
  • Should the government raise the minimum wage?
  • The role of parenting in children’s overall development.
  • Is late-night parties culture destroying society norms?
  • Should the government implement a one-child policy to control the birth rate?
  • Should the death penalty be abolished?
  • Do parents monitor children’s social and internet activities?
  • Should the government provide more opportunities for women’s employment?
  • Should obesity count as a national issue?


Tips to Select the Best Debate Topics for Students

  • Choose the topic that reflects your level of understanding and curiosity for the subject.
  • Always prefer to pick the latest trending topic. It will grow your knowledge without having actual involvement.
  • Your selected topic should project positive aspects to society as well as children learning.
  • Selecting a topic from your syllabus will help you to have good preparation for exams.
  • Make sure to share positive learning and integrity through your topic while throwing your perspective to other students.


Final Thoughts:

Engaging yourself in debate-like activities will help you to develop learning capabilities. It is the best task to perform when you are in school. It acts as an effective training system in which you challenge yourself to share your viewpoints confidently and develop effective listening skills.

Being a part of a debate team or speech, you will enhance verbal communication whereas working on assignments will improve written communication. To explore your learning exposure, do not hesitate to ask for assignment help at any time. Your learning will grow when you accelerate your written as well as verbal communication and will lend you to the door of success.

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