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Excel in Fundamentals of Nursing with the Best Study Techniques

Nursing Fundamentals or Fundamentals of Nursing is an important class that most nursing students take in the first semester of their nursing program. Another name of this class is Nursing Foundations. In many programs, this class is split into a lecture and a clinical site, and a skills lab. Such a split enables students to apply what they have learnt in a real-world setting. Many students find this area quite challenging as it’s very vast. It also requires students to think critically. Are you also struggling with this class? In this article, you’ll find the basics of studying for this class, which will help you perform better.

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Ways to Study Fundamentals of Nursing

This course’s objective is to make students understand the basic principles and processes of nursing. The course highlights the importance of the basic needs of humans and proficiency in fundamental skills as essential requirements for giving extensive nursing care. As a nursing student, you will attend the classes and provide care to selected patients.

Now that you know what is nursing fundamentals, you can take certain steps to ensure that you get the most benefit from your class. Here are some ways you can perform well in this subject.

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Practice the art of skimming –

When you commence your nursing program, you should start practicing the art of skimming. It means not reading every article or book word by word. Instead, look for only the essential points. You basically look for bullet points, headings, and sentences that are highlighted to understand the key information.

Create a conducive environment –

You must study in an environment conducive to it. It means ensuring that your study spot has all the necessary things to study for the course. Some students can concentrate better on music while others prefer a quiet place. Find what makes you focus more so that you can achieve a better result.

Look for help –

It isn’t easy to understand everything yourself, especially when you are a nursing student. One of the best ways to learn different concepts is by using online forums for nurses. Apart from that, you can also use resources in your university library. The more knowledge you gain from varied sources, the better you can perform in this subject.

Use external sources –

You also have the option to use outside sources like a website or approach an experienced nurse that you may know in your circle. It’s a good option when you find it challenging to understand a specific concept.

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Effective Strategies to Study for Fundamentals of Nursing

When you have the right guidance about how to study for Nursing Fundamentals, you can utilize the time you have to prepare for it. Below are some powerful techniques you can start employing to study for this class.

1. Practice as much as you can

It is one of the first nursing courses that students take. So, your first task is to become deeply acquainted with the kind of test questions you’ll need to answer. Usually, the format of this test is multiple choice. However, you’ll soon observe that the style of the questions is identical to those asked in the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).

It implies that all the options you get in the multiple-choice question will be right to a certain degree, and it’s your job to pick the best among them. It’s what confounds many students. That’s why it’s important to practice as much as you can.

2. Don’t mug up the course material

This class is majorly about the foundations of nursing. Students need to understand well the reasoning for various nursing interventions and the right procedures. It would be best if you had an in-depth understanding of the following.

  • The nursing process consists of assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Importance of patient care
  • The extent of practice for nurses
  • The scope of practice of others
  • Safety of patients

Note that simply mugging up all these things and dumping them on your paper will never fetch you your desired grade. So, work to comprehend this material rather than memorize it.

3. Know how to manage your time

The sessions of this course are eight weeks long. If you don’t manage your time and study well all that is being taught, you’ll easily fall behind. Many nursing students fail to schedule and prioritize their daily activities and then wonder how to study for nursing fundamentals effectively. Well, you must create a weekly study plan that takes into consideration the times you are busy and free. In this plan, list when the classes and clinics happen. You should also list extra activities like leisure time and family time. After that, add in particular times when you will sit down to study. This plan will help you stick with your study routine. Thus, you will be able to keep pace with your course sessions and never lag in them.

4. Know how to study for your exam

It is essential for you to know how to study for the fundamentals of the nursing exam. If you don’t know the proper technique you’ll find the whole process overwhelming. Go through your class notes and PowerPoint presentations. After that, read the different sections in your study guide that you went over while looking over your class notes.

Practice the questions you find at the end of every chapter in the guide. Do not ignore the rationales. Consult your textbook for those sections that you find difficult to understand. When you read your book, find key concepts that you see frequently. They are generally asked in the exam.

5. Get acquainted with medical terminology

For most students, learning medical terminology feels like understanding a foreign language. But it’s essential to know them to perform well. If you are struggling on this front, a great solution is to break each term down to understand them easily. You can also participate in medical terminology workshops to gain a greater understanding.

6. Get hands-on practice

Open labs contain mannequins on which you can practice applying what you have learned. They thus give you hands-on practice, which proves to be very useful to enhance your knowledge. Through them, you can acquire crucial Nursing Fundamentals knowledge and skills, like dressing changes or taking a patient’s blood pressure.

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Final Words

If you don’t start preparing early using the techniques in this article, you’ll find the fundamentals of nursing courses highly challenging. The key to attaining success is a regular practice. So, ensure you’re practicing diligently every single day. If you feel stuck at any part of your course, feel free to seek professional assignment help with it.

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