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Overview Of The Barnlund’s Transactional Model Of Communication

It is said, “Communication is the key”. Be it any aspect of your life, personal or professional, you can tackle challenging situations smoothly if you know the right way to communicate. Therefore, every individual must work on improving their communication skills. The best way to boost your communication abilities is by adopting a systematic method. The transactional model of communication proposed by Barnlund in 1970, is a fantastic process that deeply explains multiple intricate aspects to help you strengthen the skills to connect and deliver your thoughts.

Today, we are going to explain what exactly the transactional model of communication is and demonstrate it through examples.

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Transactional Model Of Communication Explained

The transactional model of communication involves the constant exchange of messages from both ends, where a sender, as well as a receiver, communicates the messages turn-by-turn. Hence, it is also termed the circular model of communication, which makes it a preferred choice for interpersonal communication.

The participants are referred to as communicators that can be machines or humans. This two-way model of communication is completely different from the linear model of communication, where the communication is one-sided.

For instance, verbal telephonic communication is an effective way to converse for any business. In fact, when a student orders assignment help from a specialist, effective two-end communication skills can help them put forth their requirements in a much better way. Therefore, we can say that the transactional model of communication helps you in all walks of life.

Here is an interesting fact!: The first conceptual model of communication was proposed by Shannon and Weaver about sixty years ago. Ever since then, it has evolved significantly to meet contemporary needs.


The Concept Of Transactional Model Of Communication

We can clearly see that sender and receiver are interdependent in the transactional model of communication. Thus, they are crucial for effective results. The absence of any of these two factors would nullify the model. Moreover, it is the most common communication method that involves constant dialogue.

Here is an example:

Background Plot: The communication is happening over a call.

Oliver: Hello

Amma: Oh hey, Oliver! It’s great to hear from you. How are you?

Oliver: I am good. Where have you been lately?

Amma: Oh, it’s been a busy month! I had a lot to do.


Everyday interactions are also categorized under the transactional communication model. While, telephonic and virtual conversations can be effective, being present in the same social system leads to efficient outputs. After all, a person standing in front of you will perceive your message differently than someone over a phone call.


Important Characteristics Of Transactional Model Of Communication

Let’s take a glance at the basic features of the transactional model of communication:

  • The concept of time is the key.
  • Communication evolves through time.
  • The information involved in the communications depends on what is already revealed.


These Factors Affect The Transactional Model!

Multiple factors impact the transactional model, either directly or indirectly. Let us explain it to you:

  • Any form of background or undesired noise can greatly affect transactional communication. It could be physiological, physical, or psychosomatic noise.
  • When social and cultural fundamentals dominate the fundamentals of communication, it either boosts or impairs the entire experience. Not to forget, the physical and psychological factors.
  • Another major distressing factor is the social authenticity of the group or individual towards which the communication is directed. It is difficult to predict the response due to diversified cerebral scenarios and backgrounds. The communication pattern relies on emotional, physical, social, cultural, environmental, psychological, and many such factors.


Elements That Restrict The Transactional Communication Model

1. High Chances Of Misunderstandings

The sender can’t assure that the receiver has got the message and interpreted it as it is. A lack of prompt reply or a response at all may lead to miscommunication. Hence, feedback plays a crucial role to eliminate any chance of complexity. Doing this ensures a lucid interaction.


2. Unwanted Noises Prevent Successful Goal Achievement

The communication may likely get affected due to background noise. This can happen in both, telephonic and face-to-face interactions. For instance, during a personal meeting, constant interaction among employees hampers its purpose. Further, it restricts the attainment of the goal.


Application Of Transactional Communication Model In Everyday Life

Since the transactional model of communication includes interaction between two parties, it applies to a variety of situations on a regular basis. Some of the common scenarios are:

  • Telephone call
  • Skype call
  • Chat sessions
  • Face-to-face meeting
  • Meeting
  • Interactive training sessions


The roles of the communicators reverse as the communication furthers.


Benefits Of Transactional Communication Model

Barnlund’s transactional model of communication demonstrates the shared field experience of both, the receiver and the sender. There is a continuous and simultaneous exchange of messages, the scope for noise and feedback. Feedback is a crucial aspect that offers room to clear misunderstandings.

All these components combine to offer a systematic process of communication. Thus, it provides room for the accurate exchange of information and ideas.


Crucial Elements Of A Transactional Communication Model

This model of communication consists of various interconnected components and processes. These are:

  • Communicator
  • Message
  • Channel
  • Noise
  • Encoding and decoding process


How To Achieve Effective Results In Transactional Communication?

If you wish to achieve successful and efficient results in the transactional communication model, then make sure that all the communicators are present in a similar environment. Moreover, if they know each other and share the same social system, the best results are highly possible.

It is important to understand that each participant involved in this process reacts based on multiple factors such as attitudes, experiences, self-esteem, beliefs, etc.


Common Implications In Transactional Model Of Communication

  • In the transactional model of communication, all the elements serve their independent roles. The lack of interdependence might make communication useless in case the receiver does not grasp the essence of communication properly.
  • There is always a difference in the individual reactions as they are influenced by various factors such as culture, society, confidence, etc.
  • It is an ongoing process and the communication remains consistent rather than a one-time occurrence. The participants or communicators keep changing and so does the communication requirement. All this eventually influences the environment.


Final Thoughts

The transactional model is dependent on various factors that in one way or the other affect the outcomes. It could be the encoding or decoding process, the clarity of communication, participants, background noise, or even the background of the communicators. Once you understand it truly, your life would transform!

The assignment help providers and marketing professionals achieve unimaginable success by improving the way they interact. Having the skill to maintain clear two-way communication would help you in your academic, personal, and professional lives. We hope you found this post insightful!

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