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100+ Political Science Research Topics- Select The Best

Politics science is a vast subject that deals with the complex concepts of power & politics, both domestically & internationally. If you’re pursuing a degree in political science, then reaction papers, synoptic papers & research papers must be a regular part of your academic life. Students in high school, college, or university need to come up with fresh political science research topics for their assignments. And, that’s the most challenging part of writing a research paper.

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The topic of your research paper greatly affects the outcomes. Hence, it has to be chosen carefully.

So, don’t worry! We’re here to put an end to your troubles with our complete list of unique & catchy topics for political science. Besides, get ready to check out the do’s & don’ts while working on political research topics!

What Is A Political Science Research Paper?: A Quick Overview

First and foremost, students need to understand what a political science research paper exactly is. Only then they can formulate a well-thought, and high-quality copy.

The research papers for political science are based on political research questions that need to be answered. Therefore, the question must be interesting, relevant, and clear. But remember, the question & the topic are not the same things.

A topic could be something general. However, it’s your job to untangle it, narrow it down, and extract the question from it. This is an excellent strategy to produce a well-researched, coherent, & meaningful research paper.

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Useful Tips To Select The Best Political Science Research Topics

The topic of your research paper defines its direction. Besides, it is what plays a huge role in your success ladder. Thus, you must be careful while choosing it.

Further, you can only identify the political science research questions after deciding on a topic. Hence, here are some tips to accelerate the selection process for you!

Tip #1: It’s recommended to first re-invent your perspective and recognize where your interest inclines. Besides, you can also assess your supervisor’s interest and pick a topic accordingly.

Tip #2: Prioritize political research topics that are relatively new. It will provide you with an edge over your mates.

Tip #3: You must decide on the subject area of political science, even before you pick a topic. Doing this will open the doors to fresh ideas, and better topics. If confused, go ahead and discuss it with your professor.

Tip #4: Only choose the problem that you can resolve & manage. Moreover, avoid a broad topic as that might eat up a lot of your time.

Tip #5: Always focus on political science topics that offer originality, and uniqueness, and haven’t been discussed earlier.

But, what if that isn’t possible? You can also check different sources to note down the points that researchers have already addressed. Further, include the information that offers fresh insight to the readers.

Tip #6: Students should always support the political theory with relevant examples.

Tip #7: The topic you chose should add significantly to the area. Thus, it has to be solid and cover up all the necessary points. That’s the most effective way to produce a high-quality research paper and score higher.

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10 Effective Tips For Producing Excellent Papers On Political Science Topics

Have you chosen some exciting topics that offer good scope for political science research questions and are all set to draft the paper?

Let’s share some wonderful tips to help you write a powerful political science research paper, irrespective of the topic!

  • As you write a paragraph, adhere to a single idea only. Don’t confuse yourself, and the assigner by mixing up several ideas.
  • One of the best ways to produce top-notch quality assignment is by conducting extensive research. You must use literature, or other solid sources to collect useful data on your political science topics.
  • It is highly recommended to share facts & figures from credible sources only.
  • Back up the core information or points through data, stats, or other useful evidence.
  • Rather than taking sides of the political parties, stay neutral.
  • Always present both sides of the problem while discussing political research topics.
  • Slang words or colloquial language must be avoided in academic writing.
  • Do not “too many” quotes in the research paper.
  • While stating some sensitive information or viewpoints, do not use a harsh tone.
  • Write a counterargument paragraph before the conclusion.

How To Perfectly Structure Your Political Science Research Topics?

In order to achieve good results in your political science research paper, you must have a fair understanding of its structure.

Here’s how you outline the political research topics to gain perfect results!

Step 1#: Introduction: 

In this part, share some background context of your topic. Further, you must write what motivated you to choose this specific topic.

Moreover, the introduction should provide some general information on the content ahead. Don’t forget to include a solid thesis or political research questions that guide your study.

Step #2: Literature Review: 

The literature review is vital for political science research papers. They speed up the research.

“How?” you may ask.

It helps explore & establish a relationship between the past circumstances & the key issue of your study.

Thus, extensive research using multiple reliable sources amplifies enables you to write solid copies on political science topics. Besides, it strengthens the theoretical aspect of your paper.

Step #3: Methodology: 

This section is dedicated to the techniques & processes you employed to arrive at the research outcomes.

Therefore, the important parts of the methodology section are:

  • Sampling techniques
  • Data analysis
  • Study design
  • Research population
  • Data collection

The methodology is imperative for any scientific paper. It includes necessary information that allows the researchers to verify the study results.

Step #4: Results: 

The results of your study are sorted & logically presented in the form of tables. Hence, it is the most critical section.

Avoid any discussions while stating the results of political science research questions. Besides, make sure the tables are accurately labeled for the readers.

Step #5: Discussions:

This part explains how your study related to the thesis. Discuss the role of results in solving the issue of your study.

Further, you must identify how derived patterns differ from the expectations of your research.

Step #6: Conclusion: 

Wind up your research paper with a quick, informative & well-written summary. Don’t forget to include the key points. Moreover, write a statement mentioning the role of this study in helping you solve the issue.

Ideally, you need to consolidate the aim of your research & the results. Nevertheless, discuss the scope for future research.

Step #7: References: 

In this section mention all the sources for your study. However, always stick to the academic format guidelines shared by your instructor.

This is the most important stage of your paper on political research topics that proves the authenticity.

A Compilation of Catchy Political Science Research Topics In 2022

 Political Science Topics On International Relations

  • What are the causes of global poverty?
  • Describe the ethical guidelines of the NGO.
  • Share your views on China-US relationships.
  • How does nationalism affect Germany?
  • What caused the Syrian conflict? Write about its effects.
  • Present a detailed analysis of global security networks.
  • Write about human rights in Malawi.
  • Would Britain hold on to the unity post Brexit?
  • The issue of illegal immigrants in Mexico.
  • What is the funding structure of the International Monetary Fund?
  • What are the areas discussed in the G-20 Summit organized in 2021?
  • QUAD Summit 202: What was the agenda?
  • Explain the theories of Geopolitics?
  • China as the indisputable authority of the 21stcentury?
  • Write about the relationships between South and North Korea.

Political Research Topics On Comparative Politics

  • Write a detailed analysis of two comparative parties in your nation.
  • What is the modernization theory?
  • Discuss the apartheid phenomenon in detail.
  • How do developing countries conduct recruitment?
  • What are your thoughts on the conflict and revolution situation in the US?
  • FDI policies of India v/s the US: share comparison & contrast between the two.
  • What’s the concept of comparative politics?
  • Write about the apartheid phenomenon.
  • Explain indirect and direct binary comparisons.
  • Differing values in the American & Dutch health care.
  • How does regionalism impact American Foreign Policy?
  • Write about the Patriot act.
  • The right to privacy is provided by the constitution.
  • Write about the cultural pressure between the United States and Japan.
  • Parliamentary v/s presidential democracy: State the difference.

Interesting Politics Science Research Topics On Public Administration

  • What’s the scope of administration careers in transformation security?
  • Fiscal management and the strategic planning involved.
  • What are the procedures related to crisis management in your district?
  • Discuss the methods for community development.
  • Present a detailed analysis of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
  • The effects of legal decisions on public interests.
  • Explore the features of management & human behavior.
  • Predicting changes & patterns in public relations: How important is it?
  • How important is public administration for ensuring well-being & health?
  • Abraham Lincoln and his pre-war constitutional vision.
  • What are the advantages of public safety?
  • Mention the characteristics of a true leader in public administration.
  • Share your thoughts on sustainability projects in the public administration.
  • How public sectors in the US are inculcating innovative changes?
  • Describe the constitutional vision by John Rohr.

Good Political Research Topics For Students

  • Write about political engagement in your country.
  • What are the major factors that affect political behavior in the US?
  • How does the internet shape modern politics?
  • Write about ethics in the election.
  • The role of meme culture in enhancing political awareness.
  • The significance of national relations in political science.
  • How are authority and legitimacy gained in a democracy?
  • Assess any country’s national politics.
  • The correlation between social networking & protest movements.
  • What are the causes of civil war?
  • Describe the recruitment process in developing countries.
  • Explain the ideology behind the Soviet Union.
  • What are your thoughts on gender discrimination in politics?
  • The role of interest groups in a political system.
  • The contribution of Karl Marx in shaping 20th-century politics.

Political Research Topics On Political Theory

  • What was the reason behind Rome’s fall? Analyze the decline of an empire.
  • What is the current state of the China-US relationship?
  • Explain the theories of Geopolitics.
  • How did nationalism impact Germany?
  • What are the causes behind global poverty?
  • Write about the amnesty international controversies.
  • How powerful is the United Nations?
  • Power battles in the Arctic Circle.
  • The reasons behind the war in Afghanistan.
  • Present a detailed analysis of the relationship between South & North Korea.
  • International terrorism: What caused the rise of this global menace?
  • Political events & key figures that resulted in Nazism.
  • What is the disciplinary power of Foucault?
  • Describe the John Austin theory.
  • The Republic by Plato: Share a detailed analysis.

Awesome Political Science Topics On Public Law

  • Review the Human Rights Act 1988 in detail.
  • What are your thoughts on the system of police interrogation?
  • Procedural law v/s private law in the UK: How do they differ?
  • What’s the significance of mandatory rules in public law?
  • Is it mandatory for all local & central governments to obey the public law?
  • Discuss the popular legislators in the legal history of Europe.
  • Are privacy laws a form of commercial exploitation?
  • Police interrogation & socio-economic preferences.
  • Assess the constitutional laws in your country. Merits & demerits.
  • Present an analysis of judicial review argumentation.

Impressive Political Science Topics For College

  • The role of religion in politics.
  • Do civil wars represent a failed political system?
  • Elections are significant political instruments.
  • The relationships between politics & globalization.
  • What is the psychology behind politics?
  • Write about the government of Britain & its political system.
  • How did politics develop in ancient Greece?
  • Politics is immoral: What are your thoughts?
  • Media is being used as a political power. How true is it?
  • What leads to revolutions?: Share the differences & similarities.
  • What is the idea behind the concept of democratic politics?
  • Draw a solid comparison between two major political parties. How do they differ in functions & structure?
  • Is communism a utopia or an achievable goal?
  • How do public relations impact politics?
  • How do you see politics in the next 100 years?

Bottom Line

Now you have plenty of political science research topics to choose from! You should pick the topic that you find comfortable. Besides, it should be something where your interest lies.

Further, it is important to research using only credible sources for the most authentic experience. Be careful with the structure of your paper to score better.

We hope you found this post insightful!

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