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Top Evaluation Essay Topics for Every Student

Evaluation papers impart judgments or specific views on different subjects. While writing one, you frame an argument, analyze it well, and use appropriate evidence to confirm it. In order to create a compelling essay, you must be familiar with various evaluation essay topics. Otherwise, you cannot develop your thesis statement.

The topic you choose must be relevant, meaningful, and significant. But for college students, it is often a difficult task to discover such topics. Don’t worry, we have written this piece to solve this problem of yours. Here, you will find the most compelling issues that will cover a variety of domains.

What Is An Evaluative Essay?

The primary aim of such an essay is to put forward an opinion on a body of work. While creating them, you must give a summary of the article you have been reading. After that, you should use a properly structured argument to offer a point. It’s essential to support this view with ample examples and evidence. Evaluation in writing is similar to persuasive essays. The difference lies in the fact that evaluative content shows a more balanced viewpoint.

A well-structured essay consists of the following elements.

  • Introduction – It’s an opening section with a small overview of your subject. Here, you must write the thesis line and how you will be assessing the topic in question.
  • Body – This essay includes at least five body sections. Each paragraph presents a specific point and has evidence to justify it.
  • Conclusion – This is the final paragraph. It summarizes the major points from the start to the end and restates the thesis line at the end.

Now you know how to write evaluation papers. Still, without good topics, you cannot prepare a compelling piece. They are listed in the succeeding parts below.

Effective Evaluation Essay Topics for College Students

You cannot find what you are really interested in writing till you analyze various subjects. That’s why here’s a list of the best topics from multiple categories.

Topics in the sports domain

The sports theme carries numerous subjects that you can evaluate. Find inspiration from these ideas.

  • Analyze the Rugby World Cup of the recent year.
  • How do the sports teams in colleges influence the personality traits of individuals?
  • Consider any one open area and evaluate it as a place for sporting events.
  • Discuss the techniques coaches use to train players in college.
  • Is there a link between performance in sports and academic success?
  • Analyze gender-based distinctions in college sports.

Discuss if there’s a connection between self-esteem and participation in

  • Sports and games.
  • Evaluate the parameters of Olympic sports.
  • How does toxic masculinity influences team sports activities?

Evaluative essay research topics on media and films

There are many subjects in the media domain you can study. You can analyze any theme from the ones here.

  • Assess a classic movie and discuss what it says about gender-based roles of that period.
  • Undertake a comparison of the latest movie of a genre with a classic one of the same genre.
  • Discuss a thriller film and evaluate the reasons for its wide appeal.
  • Assess a historical film for the way it puts forward history.
  • Evaluate a classic musical and argue about its popularity or unpopularity.
  • Assess a sequel and give your views on whether it replays the first film or brings something new.
  • Analyze the work of movie composers and how they adapt to various films.
  • Study the special effects in some latest movies and tell what makes them so good.

Evaluation essay topics regarding restaurant and food

There are various interesting topics about this subject. You can explore your interests and choose any one of the following areas.

  • Undertake a comparison of Mc. Donalds to a recently opened restaurant chain.
  • How is food priced in a café?
  • Is readymade food in supermarkets a feasible alternative to the junk food offered in restaurants?
  • What makes a restaurant meal great?
  • What makes up for great customer service at a restaurant?
  • The major differences between home-cooked food and that cooking at a fast-food restaurant.
  • Is there any difference between when the pizza is fresh and when it is delivered to you?
  • Does eating desserts at a high-end restaurant really worth it?
  • What accounts for the increase in the popularity of coffee houses?
  • Evaluate your favorite meal at a restaurant and discuss what makes it unique.

Topics related to technology

Technology is constantly evolving. So, you can create content that helps your teacher assess your evaluation and writing. Use any of these themes related to technology.

  • Assess the utility of a smartwatch.
  • Evaluate the present version of your smartphone and find why it is more efficient than the previous version.
  • Undertake an evaluation of apps similar in nature. Then write about the features that are most helpful.
  • Analyze the features that can make a specific gadget, such as a tablet or laptop, good.
  • Discuss the various phone plans in your locality and determine the one that is the best.
  • Evaluate the manner in which social media channels have impacted families.
  • Write your views about the trends in 3D films and the way they improve the movie experience.
  • Analyze the significance of gaming in the lives of students.
  • Discuss the ways different generations are utilizing technology.

Evaluation essay topics in the field of education

The American education system has changed a lot over the recent decades. Here are some thought-provoking themes in this sphere.

  • The rapid rise in mental health issues among children and how they affect their performance.
  • How does verbal praise boost motivation among students?
  • What are the drawbacks of the American secondary education system?
  • Can children with disabilities benefit from today’s education system?
  • What are the best techniques to deal with children who display problematic behavior?
  • Are U.S schools fully inclusive? If not, what are the strategies worth implementing?
  • Are year-round schools really effective?
  • Are American schools addressing bullying in an effective manner?
  • Analyze the effectiveness of software that teaches students something. Is it better than textbook learning?

Essay research topics related to art

If you are interested in the domain of art, there is plenty of things to analyze. For example, you can examine various artworks or art movements. You can also formulate your critique of a specific art piece. Here are some areas worth mentioning in this domain.

  • What impact has surrealism left on today’s society?
  • How is technology influencing modern art?
  • Discuss the role of social media as a medium to express one’s art.
  • Goya’s Black Paintings has an interesting color scheme. You can evaluate it as part of your paper.
  • What is the influence of Realism on today’s society?
  • Critically discuss the representation of females in the painting, The Birth of Venus.
  • Is it correct to consider photography as an art form?
  • How have Romantic images depicted nature?
  • What are some things that make Renaissance paintings stand out?

Topics related to science

Scientific inventions and discoveries are constantly changing the world around us. You can take up any recent scientific breakthrough and examine it from various angles. Here are some evaluation argument essay topics for you to gain inspiration from.

  • Discuss the dangerous side of taking too many painkillers.
  • The revolutionizing impact of electricity in modern society.
  • How does nuclear energy impact our environment?
  • How has Newton’s laws of motion impacted the scientific world?
  • Discuss the ethical methods of animal testing.
  • How did Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest challenge the prevailing beliefs in society?
  • What is the role of microscopes in the field of medicine today?
  • Critically assess the role of Einstein’s theory of relativity on Modern Physics.
  • What problems did the early internet has to face?
  • Was Egyptian papyrus paper an appropriate medium for writing?

Literature essay topics 

Literature topics make up for a thought-provoking paper. You can choose to assess a poem or a short story critically. Alternatively, you can also analyze the speech patterns of your favorite character. Take a cue from the topics below.

  • How does the setting of the novel Frankenstein positively contributes to the story?
  • Critically discuss the storyline of All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury.
  • Examine the main protagonists in The Maze Runner and Divergent.
  • The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway had very interesting dialogues. You can analyze them in your paper.
  • Analyze the role that the setting plays in the City of Beasts by Isabel Allende.
  • Discuss the manner in which Don Quixote warps reality.
  • Write about the interactions that take place in Pride and Prejudice between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth.
  • Study how aesthetics is treated in The Picture of Dorian Gray.
  • Explore the conflicts taking place in the Tempest by Shakespeare.
  • Write your views about the character formation of the narrator in the Invisible Man.
  • Explore the issue of war in Mr. Dalloway of Virginia Woolf deeply.
  • Critique the usage of dialogue in The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner.

Simple essay topics

There are many simple yet interesting topics that help you compose a great essay. With them, it will not feel difficult to create a great evaluation essay example and present it to your teacher.

  • Why should humans actively engage in using technology?
  • What is the right age for introducing children to technology?
  • Is it right to legalize marijuana?
  • Is it correct to consume pills to suppress appetite?
  • What is the right age at which children can be permitted to watch violent movies?
  • Assess the popularity of pop vs. rock music.
  • What are some similar characteristics of the first and second world wars?
  • What is stopping the third world war?
  • Examine some of the best strategies to reduce violence among teenagers.
  • How does social media influence people?
  • Assess the disadvantages of technology in the daily life of people.
  • Is a gap year essential for students? Examine the drawbacks of a gap year.

Essay research topics about famous people

Many students new to college need to write papers about famous people. You can use these ideas and write a great essay.

  • Evaluate the impact of your grandmother on your life.
  • Assess the influence of your role model on society.
  • Discuss the legacy of Martin Luther King.
  • How has Bill Gates changed society?
  • How does Oprah Winfrey impact the thinking of young black females?
  • Analyze Joe Rogan and his impact on media.
  • What are the advantages of Lewis C.K. coming back to comedy?
  • Analyze the role of Trevor Noah as the host of The Daily Show.

Topics about religion

Evaluation argument essay topics on religion are quite interesting. You can get inspired by any of the following ideas.

  • What is the impact of Muhammad on the modern world of the present?
  • Discuss the impact of Hinduism on Indian culture.
  • What are the merits of the teachings of Jesus Christ in the 21st century?
  • Has religion declined in the past five decades in the west?
  • Does science make religion seem illogical to people?
  • Give your view about whether religion has had a positive or negative impact on human life.
  • Discuss if Islamophobia is increasing rapidly in western countries.

Tips to Choose the Best Essay Research Topics

Now you know about the range of different topics related to different genres. However, you can only create a good paper when you pick the right subject as per your interests. Here are some effective techniques that’ll guide you in your search.

Research deeply

Your topic selection should begin with deep research on the areas you find interesting. It’s because you can only get inspired by those areas in which you feel genuinely passionate. It will also make the task of writing a lengthy essay easier. Suppose you want to present your paper to a specific audience. In that case, it’s best to find their interests and choose a relevant topic.

Use only authentic information sources

It’s never a sound idea to start writing from the first website you see on a search engine. Make your paper rich by using data from sources such as books, articles, and scientific publications. Ensure that all the sources you choose are fully up-to-date. Ideally, they shouldn’t be older than ten years.

Do not choose a too broad or narrow topic

Many students make the mistake of choosing a very broad topic. It has a lot of research material. So, covering every aspect becomes nearly impossible. Similarly, if you choose a narrow topic, you won’t find enough material to frame your views. So, always find a theme that lies in the middle and is simple to comprehend.

Summing up

A good topic is a key to creating a successful paper. Use this piece as a guide whenever you are looking for evaluation essay topics. You can also use the aid of professional writers from an assignment help service to complete your essay.

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