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What is A Process Essay? Get 40 + Process Essay Topics!

Once in a while, you must have come across a process essay. Have you read a “how-to” essay? That’s what a process essay is. Yes, process essays involve stepwise solutions; that’s one kind of process essay you have already written. The process essay topics vary largely, from cooking your favorite dessert to fixing a technical issue. It’s the art of analyzing topics in a structured manner. Hence, such essay follows a stepwise format. if you’re looking for process essay writing examples or topics, go through this guide.

Also, please find the top process analysis essay topics at the end of the guide.

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 Know the Process Essays And Its Types

A process essay is a how-to essay that provides readers with step-by-step instructions to achieve an expected result. You may also see it as a manual or guide that describes the process of conducting an act, such as a lab experiment.

 There is no straightforward definition; however, it’s still categorized into two broad types: 

  1. An Informational Process Essay
  2. A Directional Process Essay
  3. A Process Analysis Essay

The first type of essay provides a process or detailed analysis of it. For such essays, you can see process essay examples – how rocket science works, how getting up early can change your life, etc. Here, it’s unnecessary to come to a conclusion or give direction to the reader. Instead, shares the essential information.

On the other hand, a directional process essay explains the “how-to” for an event. It can be anything, such as how to apply for admission to a university, how to write a process essay topic, etc. This type of essay provides the reader with a result-oriented answer.

Lastly, the process analysis essay is a combination of both mentioned above. While it explains the steps or instructions, it also analyses them in depth. The process analysis essay examples are as follows: how to increase your productivity in college, how to control the use of social media, etc.

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Let’s Learn the Technique to Create a Process Essay!

While moving forward with the process essay, we will first learn the format. Next, we will learn the essential tips to make the essay more effective.

What’s the format for writing a process essay?

If you see the process essay topics, you will realize that they have the same format as other essays. That means having an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. This is called the outline of an essay.

Besides, an outline makes the idea clear. It makes you design the format and prevents you from losing focus. It’s very important to have an outline before starting any essay.

Here, let’s see how to create an outline for the process essay:


An introduction is a very crucial part of an essay. It’s in the first 30 seconds that you either earn or lose a reader. Here you introduce process essay topics by giving a brief explanation of them. Why have you chosen this topic? What are they going to learn and what will be your approach? 

There are various ways to begin an introduction:

  • A fact:  Introduce a fact relevant to your essay topic.
  • A quote: Start with a famous quote
  • Ask a question or answer a query: You may ask a question related to the trouble with that topic. Besides that, you can answer a query. This shows that you have done enough research on the topic.
  • Something funny: Start with something funny, but be certain that it doesn’t hurt any reader’s feelings.

After you have chosen how you will start, please understand that your interests should be reflected. Unless the reader feels your curiosity, it will make no sense to him/her.

To do so:

  • Add some historical background on the topic.
  • Add an interesting fact about the topic.
  • It would be great if you could create a timeframe for readers. With that, they can decide how and when to read.

Let’s take a process analysis essay example here: 

  • The topic is “how to get a job?”
  • Here, you may begin with a basic understanding of the job. What are the basic

qualifications needed to get a job? It will connect with your readers as it will help

them improve their personalities. Next, use scientific or survey data that explains

the difficulty of getting a job. But, add positive data such as what qualities can improve

the chances of getting a job.

Body Paragraphs:

The body part is a collection of paragraphs. Thus, each paragraph must connect. However, you have full freedom to express your thoughts and opinions. But the structure is what matters. Write paragraphs in such a way that they flow smoothly.

One thing to note here is that a process essay also includes steps. This means that each step is performed for a purpose. Also, some steps are effortless, but others may be difficult. Hence, to make the process easy and smooth, you may try these tips:

  1. Break the steps: 
  • Write the major steps and break them down into subsections.
  • Try to use short sentences. However, if you are writing lengthy sentences, make them easy to read.
  1. Explain why:
  • Give a brief explanation for each step.
  • Tell the reader’s purpose for performing these steps.
  • Double-check the steps and terminologies, especially for technical process essays.
  1. Use transition words:

You must have seen the usage of “now”, “then”, “therefore”, “so that”, etc. These are transition words. It structures the steps more efficiently.


When you come to the end of the essay, conclude it in the best way. Don’t use complicated vocabulary, but put it to a logical end. Thus, discuss the main result of the essay.

  • Please refrain from adding any new information in this part.
  • Restate your thesis statement or the general purpose. This is to remind readers of the intention of the topic and its accomplishment.
  • Wrap up on a positive note.

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Refine Your Essay with These Post-Writing Tips

These are some final tips to give your essay a final shape.

  1. Revise the entire essay twice. However, don’t rush when revising; instead, take a rest so you won’t feel tired.
  2. Ask your friend or family to review the essay. They may help you better understand the complexity of reading.
  3. Check for grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  4. Perform in-depth research and always correct your facts.
  5. Keep a logical order to maintain the flow.
  6. Refrain from using imperative sentences.
  7. Always add a glossary at the end for complex words.
  8. Online assignment help for processing essay topics online.

Analysis Topics for Essay:

Here is the list of top analysis topics for essays for your assignment. You may use these process essay writing examples or contact us for help.

  • How to Get Rid Of Insomnia.
  • How to Prepare Meals At Home More Frequently Rather Than Ordering Delivery.
  • How to Permanently Stop Smoking.
  • How to Administer Medication To A Cat.
  • How to Travel On A Tight Budget.
  • How to Look More Professional At Job Interviews.
  • How to Set Up A Video Conference Call.
  • How to Get Rid Of Poisonous People From Your Life.
  • How to Boost Your Self-Assurance.
  • How to Organize Your Groceries And Meal Plans.
  • How to Discover Your Actual Calling.
  • How to Launch A Hot Dog Stand.
  • How to Prepare The Best Holiday Dinner At Home.
  • How to Launch A Business.
  • How to Repair A Washing Machine.
  • How to Set Up A Browser On An Apple Mac.
  • How to Update Your iPhone.
  • How to Build An Effective Linkedin Profile.
  • How to Get The Job You’ve Always Wanted.
  • How to Format A Resume.
  • How to Compose A Job Email.
  • How to Get A Book Written.
  • How to Discipline Your Pet.
  • How to Learn How To Teach.
  • How to Get All A’s In School.
  • How to Prepare For A Scientific Test.
  • How to Get Job Experience So That You Can Practice Law.
  • What Should You Focus On When Choosing The Best Car Model On A Tight Budget?
  • Sharing Space In A Room With Someone You Dislike: A Proven Approach
  • Is It Possible to Overcome Self-Hatred And Improve Oneself?
  • How to Begin A Film Project.
  • Making An Exotic Dish (Choose One By Yourself)
  • Making Your Parents Believe In You Despite Past Mistakes
  • What Rules Should Be Followed When Learning New Things?
  • How to Become A Popular Youtube Blogger Today
  • How to Make A Funny Toy For Their Siblings?
  • The Most Effective Approach To Getting Used To Village Life
  • Making It Sound Possible To Overcome Your Own Inherent Bias
  • When The Old Hobbies Become Monotonous, Choosing A New One.
  • Learning Cooking Techniques: Introduction & Recipes
  • When You Know Anything About Politics, How To Decide Who To Vote For
  • How Can One Acquire The Art Of Polite Rejection?
  • How to Develop A Sense Of Modern Style When Everyone Is Old-Fashioned
  • Strategies For Successfully Balancing Study, Work, And Free Time
  • How to Boost Your Sense Of Humor By 50% Or More

 Closing Remark!

Finally, we hope the guide on process essays is insightful for you. This explains the best way to write a process analysis essay and deal with complexities. You may pick any of the process essay topics from the list and use them for your assignment. Moreover, if you need any help or suggestions, please don’t hesitate. Our writing experts are always happy to assist you.



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