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A List of the Best Argumentative Essay Topics for Every Student

An argumentative essay is a great example of persuasive writing. This type of essay is commonly assigned to high school and college students. It allows you to share your views on a specific subject and back them with the needed evidence. You must have effective argumentative essay topics to create an impressive speech. However, many students face difficulties in finding suitable topics for themselves.

Note that your topic of choice can make or break the quality of your essay. It is essential to find good controversial topics that will allow you to research facts deeply. In this long post, you will find a list of the most compelling topics.

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Effective Argumentative Essay Topics for Students

You must find a subject on which you can research well and take a specific side. In the following sections, you will find essay topics pertaining to different spheres.

Topics in the realm of politics

Topics in the political domain always tend to stir debates among people. There are various things you can explore in this sphere.

  • Should Federal Reserve halt the printing of money?
  • Which political party upholds the correct ideology?
  • Can a female president rule America properly?
  • Capitalism versus socialism – Which is the best economic system?
  • Is the modern political structure ready to alter itself?
  • Is socialism really a bad economic system, or has it never been implemented rightly?
  • What is one political decision in the last ten years that really pushed for change?
  • How can income equality be addressed in the best possible way?
  • What leads to a wage gap between women and men?
  • Should the government give separate public bathrooms to sexual minorities?

Good Argumentative Essay Topics for students in elementary school

Elementary school students can also engage in discussions about subjects that impact their lives. You can get inspired by one of the several topics below.

  • Is there a huge need for advertisements for kids’ programs on television?
  • Is homework necessary for kids? If so, how does it prove positive for their learning?
  • Discuss ways by which educational institutions can cater to the needs of students from varying backgrounds.
  • How much screen time is enough for kids in elementary school?
  • Which, between fiction and non-fiction, is better for students?
  • Do parents treat children of different ages equally, or do they treat older siblings better than younger ones?
  • Why are food items such as hot dogs harmful to a person’s health?
  • Is it right to consume dessert before your dinner?
  • Discuss how rules and procedures in school can become fairer.

Argumentative essay topics for students in middle school

Middle school students should remember to choose a topic that genuinely interests them. Luckily, there are lots of interesting subjects you can write about and create a robust speech.

  • Should those who bully others be given stricter punishments?
  • Is it right for schools to sell junk food?
  • Are children today spending too much of their time in front of the television?
  • The benefits of summer school for a student?
  • Can pre and early teenagers roam the mall without being under adult supervision?
  • Are middle school students old enough to stay in their houses by themselves?
  • Are school uniforms compulsory for every student?
  • Should there be more breaks in an academic year so as to improve education and children’s interest?
  • Are gym classes necessary for those involved in sports?
  • What is the impact of watching violent television programs on students?

Topics for argumentative essay in the field of science and technology

Science and technology is a dynamic field that seems interesting to many. There is no scarcity of ideas on which you can elaborate and write persuasively. Consider these ideas and start brainstorming for your essay.

  • Can the United States of America allow fracking?
  • Is it fair to change the genetics of an unborn child? Should doctors do so if the parents request them?
  • Discuss whether or not the internet has made your surroundings or society a positive and better place.
  • Is it good practice for social media channels to constantly gather user data?
  • Can people everywhere get free access to the internet? Is it a wise idea?
  • Discuss the result of technology on the mental health of people.
  • Give your views about cyberbullying carrying legal consequences.
  • Is it right to ban cell phones from automobiles?

Topics pertaining to ethics

An interesting ethical subject can grab the attention of the reader instantly. Here are some thought-provoking topics in this domain. Ethics is a subdomain of philosophy. It involves studying moral issues. Essentially it deals with what is right and what is wrong. The subject attempts to answer questions pertaining to family relationships, justice, and the like. When writing an essay on such topics, you need to choose one after careful consideration. Here are some topics worth mentioning.

  • Is animal testing ethically right or wrong?
  • Is climate change a result of the actions of humans?
  • Should there be a fine in place for not recycling items?
  • Is it right to make violent video games legal?
  • The pros and cons of beauty contests and pageants for the contestants.
  • Is it right for social media influencers to market products?
  • How ethical is cloning?
  • Is it right to make fur coats legal?
  • Can graffiti be considered a piece of true art or a vandalism act?
  • Discuss the effectiveness of social protests.
  • Is it right to hold celebrities to a great moral standard
  • Is smoking illegal or not? Should people be permitted to smoke openly in public?

Easy argumentative essay topics about society and culture

The domain of society and culture has many areas you can explore. It always feels interesting to find out about the beliefs, behaviors, and traits common to certain members of a society and new things that constantly come up. You can research and write about the following:

  • When will that time come when LGBTQ people will feel equal to others?
  • Can you call healthcare one of the major human rights?
  • Discuss the reasons for banning explicit TV content. Is it because of the need to generate televisions that an individual can watch with their families?
  • Can students take a gap year? Is it good for their well-being?
  • According to you, is it right to decriminalize the possession of specific drugs?
  • Do you think that equality is a part of people’s everyday life? Is it only a part of theory or practice?
  • Is owning a gun a correct decision?
  • Do you think that medically assisted suicide for terminal illnesses is a better decision?
  • Discuss different methods to promote positive conversations about issues that are highly controversial.
  • Discuss the positive and negative sides of social media channels.

Argumentative essay topics about history

Your history lessons are always full of important moments, dates, years, and names of various people who are long gone. When it comes to writing this kind of essay, you will feel surprised to find various interesting topics in this domain. Before you start composing , take a moment to review the topics below.

  • Write about a specific event in the life of Martin Luther King.
  • Analyze the industrialization process in different European nations.
  • Discuss the post-World War II situation in America.
  • You can also write about a particular military event, such as the Battle of Hastings. It is one event that hugely impacted England’s history.
  • Write about the crusades. Discuss how this period was a very violent one.
  • Analyze the reasons for the abolition of slavery. You can concentrate on a single country or compose a comparative essay. In the latter, contrast this process between two societies.
  • Explore the New Wave movement in the sphere of cinema.
  • Was the 1960s hippy culture response to that era’s events?

Essay topics on conflict

This domain tackles tough subjects such as crises in nations, workplace problems, armed conflicts, bullying, and the like. You must study a conflict in-depth and then frame your argument. Ensure that your views are backed by valid evidence. Some good conflict essay ideas include the following.

  • Discuss the religious angle of the conflict between Palestine and Israel.
  • Analyze the conflict that occurs between parents and their teenagers. Is it a clash between psychology and physiology?
  • Is there any impact of non-government organizations on the rights of females?
  • Can multi-cultural clashes get resolved through good mediation? Analyze its role.
  • Discuss the theory of violence and conflict propounded by Conrad Lawrence.
  • Discuss the differences between the views and approaches of Gandhi and Leo Tolstoy. Do it while studying their ideas for peaceful resolution of conflicts.
  • Where do people cross the limit when it comes to social media clashes?
  • Is there an ethical angle to religious disputes? Discuss your opinion.

Essay topics about psychology

Psychology is a subject focused on the scientific study of human behavior and the mind. This discipline is a relatively new one. It began at around 400 to 500 years BC. Students often struggle with finding good essay topics in this subject. You can choose many popular topics to write an interesting essay. Here are some of the best topics.

  • What is the impact of segregating males and females in academic institutions?
  • How does food impact your psychological state?
  • What is the link between politics, power, and corruption?
  • Is there a link between societal status and cultural beliefs?
  • Are those who are born and brought up in poverty more motivated to succeed in life than others?
  • Discuss homosexuality as not a condition but a reflection of sexuality.
  • What is the difference between the brains of males and females?
  • Discuss the positive impact of stereotypes.
  • How can personality disorders be effectively treated?
  • What effect does fashion exert on the mental health of students?

Topics for argumentative essay in economics

In this sphere, you’ll get topics pertaining to economic development policies and socio-economic doctrines. You will also find many economic problems, and you need to research them deeply to provide certain solutions. Use these ideas for your next persuasive essay.

  • Is socialism a good ideology for developed nations?
  • Describe the differences between capitalism and socialism.
  • Is purchasing shares a part of the investment or just speculation?
  • Describe why communism couldn’t thrive in the Soviet Union.
  • Why did the recession happen in 2008? Can you give some methods to prevent its occurrence in the future?
  • Are there any economic policies that will boost the global standing of third-world countries?
  • Which between protectionism and free trade is good for countries?
  • Are there any pros and cons of being a part of the customs union?

Tips to Select Argumentative Essay Topics 

You cannot develop a good essay in the absence of a great topic. It is normal to struggle while choosing topics. But by using these tips, you can uncover a great topic or idea for yourself. Note that you can also seek assignment help if you need help with topic selection, researching, planning, or writing. Here are some tips for selecting a debatable topic.

  • Always choose a topic that interests you – You are going to be devoting a huge amount of time to writing the essay. If the topic isn’t of interest to you, writing it will become a painful task. Understand where your interests are and choose topics from that domain.
  • Make a list of trending topics – Every sphere has its list of trending topics. When you write an essay on the latest topics, your readers will become more interested. You can use search engines to list such topics in your preferred domain.
  • Research different topics – It’s crucial to research a bit on the different topics. It will help you find the one with the most amount of research. Always choose such a topic.
  • Present a strong argument – If you just support your side of the story, you’ll be unable to produce a strong argument. To truly impress your reader, you must be aware of both sides of the topic. Ensure that you logically defend your opinion with valid evidence.

Concluding Words

Creating a great persuasive essay starts with selecting a good topic. Use this piece as a guide to discovering effective argumentative essay topics for yourself. If you need additional help researching or framing your views, contact an expert assignment writing service.

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