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A Detailed List of Mental Illness Essay Topics and Writing Tips

Mental illnesses interrupt an individual’s thoughts, feelings, mood, and capacity to relate to others. These illnesses minimize a person’s ability to cope with daily life’s demands. Some major ones include depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and schizophrenia. Usually, students need to write various essays on these conditions. This area is an important part of psychology. For it, you must know about good mental illness essay topics.

Choosing the right topic is crucial to creating a relevant and meaningful essay. Keep reading to find the best essay ideas to create an excellent paper.

Five Important Categories of Mental Illness

Mental illness is on the rise. In the U.S., almost 60 million Americans get diagnosed with it in a specific year. But out of them, hardly a few get treatment. This hesitation to seek treatment is mainly because of the stigma associated with it.

Although there are 200 types of mental illnesses, five are the most important.

  • Anxiety disorderAnxiety is a normal part of every human’s life. But when the amount of anxiety is disproportionate to an event, it disturbs the normal functioning of a person.
  • Mood disorderEveryone can feel happy or sad at different points. But in mood disorders, your mood fluctuates rapidly from sadness to joy.
  • Psychotic disordersThese brain disorders greatly disturb the emotion and cognition of a person. They negatively impact human attributes like thought, language, sense of self, and perception.
  • DementiasIt is a disruption of consciousness. It leads to a change in cognition and develops over a short time.
  • Eating disordersThese disorders occur when a person experiences severe disturbances in eating patterns. They can either be extreme over-eating or a reduction of food intake.

Good Mental Health Essay Topics

There are a lot of great topics about mental health you can explore. From female mental health to understanding different conditions, there’s a lot to study.

  • Write on mental health screening and assessment.
  • Study the mental health of women in the social environment.
  • Are there inequalities in the mental health field?
  • What are the key mental health strategies at offices?
  • Explore the traditional healing in Buddhism in mental health.
  • What are the key services for mental health care for veterans?
  • Assess the case of mental health considering the juvenile justice system.
  • What should be a good care plan for people with mental health conditions?
  • Study ethics in mental health professions.
  • How do students perceive mental health?

Topics to Create an Argumentative Essay

Mental health argumentative essay topics stimulate debate and discussion among individuals. You can develop your viewpoints and back them with evidence by choosing one of these topics.

  • What is the impact of mental illness on daily life?
  • What accounts for the stigma of society towards people with mental illness?
  • Why are there many writers who aren’t mentally stable?
  • Why do homeless people fall prey to mental illness?
  • What are the best strategies to reduce depression among teenagers?
  • Investigate the link between mental health and obesity.
  • What is the basis of identifying whether you are mentally ill or not?
  • How can a family manage a member with mental illness?
  • What makes soldiers develop a mental illness after returning from war?
  • Are you genetically disposed to develop a mental illness?

Topics to Write a Mental Illness Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essays on this area require you to defend a specific view. Here are some good mental health persuasive speech topics to explore.

  • Do video games cause psychological addiction?
  • Write the critical therapies for depression.
  • What is the impact of mental health law?
  • Can schools assist students with learning disabilities?
  • Do parenting styles make a child anti-social?
  • Discuss the nature of depression.
  • Can child neglect or abuse result in a mental health condition?
  • Why do schools need to organize mental health services?
  • Do you think eating disorders such as anorexia are mental health disorders?
  • Are some people biologically disposed to psychiatric disorders?

Informative Mental Health Essay Topics 

Topics for informative essays will enrich your learning on a specific subject. There are lots of things you can explore on this front.

  • How does living in isolation harm the mental and physical health of an individual?
  • What makes women more prone to attempting suicide than men?
  • What is the thought process of people cutting themselves?
  • Why do young adults so easily fall prey to marijuana and alcohol overuse? How does this impact their mental health?
  • What triggers ADHD in children?
  • How can you define normal mental functioning?
  • What makes people develop phobias of certain things?
  • When does an individual become dangerous to their own self?
  • Why is it hard to remember dreams post-waking?
  • Examine the best strategies for keeping your brain healthy.

Unique Essay Topics for Students

The mental health domain is replete with various things that you may find fascinating. You can also use the following themes for creating psychology argumentative essay topics.

  • The impact of early retirement on the mind of a person
  • Do breakups aggravate mental illness?
  • What’s the link between self-care and mental health?
  • Analyze the Yellow Wallpaper story on female mental health.
  • Is physical fitness necessary for good mental health?
  • Why are psychiatric disorders developing so rapidly?
  • Do you think music can cure mental illness?
  • Did hurricane Katrina impact the mental health of people?
  • What’s the link between social media channels and people’s mental health?
  • Do you think aging affects the mental health of people?
  • Can peer groups help a person overcome a mental disorder?

Easy Mental Illness Essay Topics

There are various easy topics in this domain that you can explore. These are great for those who find it tough to discover an interesting topic.

  • The connection between addiction and psychological illnesses?
  • What are the beliefs and theories on the mental illness field?
  • Examine the prevalence of mental illness in schools.
  • Do child abuse result in a person developing a mental illness?
  • What is the moral confusion surrounding the area of mental illness medication?
  • How did the mental illness of Vincent Van Gogh get reflected in his portraits?
  • What connects violence and mental illness?
  • Why do Americans discriminate against people with mental illness?
  • Is dance therapy effective in treating mental illness?
  • What are the various stereotypes people harbor for those with mental illness?

Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics on Mental Health

You can create an argumentative essay on any of these themes if you cannot brainstorm one. Ensure that you research properly and use evidence that directly supports your point.

  • Can you get away with a white lie? If yes, how?
  • Why are women a dominant part of song lyrics?
  • Why do specific careers have stereotypes linked to them?
  • Do you think every religion is good?
  • What is the top-most quality of a relationship?
  • Does Google make you more intelligent than others?
  • What creative process goes into making Graffiti art?
  • Is there a link between music and psychology?
  • Does mental illness lead to violence in society?
  • Do parents exert an influence on the development of their children’s interests?

Adolescent Mental Health Essay Topics 

Adolescents often become victims of low self-esteem, depression, and suicidal thoughts. If investigating this area appeals to you, choose a topic from the ones here and write keeping in mind your readers.

  • Is the usual treatment of mental conditions working for everyone?
  • How do substance-use disorders prevent complete healing?
  • How efficient is the mental health Gap Action Programme?
  • Explain peer pressure causing mental disorders among teenagers.
  • Analyze cost-effective strategies for treating mental health conditions in teenagers.
  • Discuss the role of nutrition in causing a mental disorder.
  • How efficient are mental health promotional activities in schools?
  • Do traumatic life experiences of teenagers lead to mental illnesses?
  • Does family history cause mental health problems?
  • Why do teenagers with mental health conditions avoid mixing with others?

Trending Mental Health Topics for Research

These are some hot topics in the mental health domain. You can find more research on these themes as many scholars are currently trying to analyze these areas.

  • Why is there a need to normalize the visit to a mental health professional?
  • How to best use technology to create a customized treatment plan for mental health patients?
  • How can mental health patients learn to identify their triggers?
  • Understanding emotional toxicity that comes in a trauma-bonded relationship.
  • How to better your mind’s health with food and fitness?
  • Can blood test help in detecting a mental illness?
  • What are the recent breakthroughs in psychedelic research?
  • Why is it important to set healthy boundaries with internet and social media use?
  • What is the impact of AI technologies in improving mental health diagnosis?
  • How good is transcranial magnetic stimulation in treating specific mental health problems?

How to Write a Paper on Mental Health?

Writing about mental health can be challenging for many. You need to say things appropriately and avoid using certain terms and phrases. If you have found good mental illness essay topics, but need clarification about creating good content, use these tips.

Start with a goal

Before writing, outline the aim of your paper. For instance, if you want the audience to know a person’s experience and get help, try to tell a patient’s story. Stick to this goal throughout the writing process. Otherwise, you will need to edit a lot later on.

Use reliable sources

It’s essential for your paper to have accurate content. This can happen when you use credible sources. Do not solely depend on search engine results. Instead, use the sources in your library or your reading list. If you need more assistance in researching, consider assignment help from a psychology expert. They will help you understand the research methodologies you can use and also tell you about how you can access article databases with credible sources.

Give information on the appropriate mental health professionals for specific illnesses.

If you’re writing a paper on a specific type of illness, it is good to let the reader know where to get help. Even the issue is unique and needs personalized care. So, it’s wise to include resources from those who may want to seek help but don’t know where to begin. You can also include information regarding what to do in a specific situation. For instance, how to cope with panic attacks at home.

Never use derogatory phrases

The general public often uses the term ‘insane’ and ‘crazy’ for even someone who doesn’t experience any mental issues. But that does not mean that you can use them in your essay. They are derogatory terms, and you should never use them to address a patient with mental illness. Always maintain a formal tone while writing the essay.

Prepare a Great Research Paper on Mental Illness

Now, whenever you get confused in selecting a topic for your paper, refer to this guide. You will come across not only various good mental illness essay topics but also tips on creating a thoughtful piece. If you need additional help or feel stuck at researching or writing, contact a psychology subject matter expert from a reputed academic writing service.