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What is Peel Paragraph Writing Technique? Ways to Incorporate It in Your Projects

Structure your paragraph using the PEEL paragraph method and write a perfect essay. Here we described the top using PEEL paragraph writing techniques.

“A four-word paragraph after one of 64 words can pack a punch.”

— Roy Peter Clark, senior scholar, The Poynter Institute, in Writing Tools

Peel Paragraph Writing: A Brief Overview

When you start writing on any given topic, it is easy to get lost somewhere in the middle if you lack the right approach. Every piece of writing needs to be written in a proper format. Otherwise, all your hard work will go in vain. PEEL paragraph strategy focuses on writing a compelling essay in a structured format. This way, your academic papers seem presentable, and more informative.

You may have a bunch of ideas on the back of your mind, but if you do not know how to execute them with words then they do not hold any importance. Whether you are a student who wishes to ace their academics by improving their skills, or a professional writer willing to get better at your job, PEEL writing is helpful for everyone.

As you adapt to new writing techniques that work, your writing becomes more powerful. This way you can leave the right impact on the reader’s mind.

As you can see, PEEL is a four-letter word. Each letter denotes a deeper meaning.

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So, What is PEEL Paragraph Writing?

Writing a paragraph may seem simple. But, if you wish to create something worthy then it is essential to understand all the factors involved. While having a plan, and doing your research is important, following the right methods is what brings value to your copy.

PEEL is an acronym that expands to, “Point, Evidence, Explain, and Link”. Once you understand the ways to introduce this strategy into your writing style, it becomes easier for you to convey your message to the audience.

Let Us Dig Deeper

If you wish to attain consistency of thoughts in your writing, then the PEEL technique is for you!

  • Point: The opening of your paragraph is the deciding factor, so it has to be precise. You must get to the point, and present each one of your sentences concisely. The paragraph should reflect the clarity of your thoughts about the topic. Do not add any irrelevant information here. This is the fundamental rule of PEEL paragraph strategy.
  • Evidence: Here, you need to provide relevant evidence that supports the point you are aiming to prove. You can present the credibility by citing the sources in your support. Doing this will bring authenticity to your words, and encourage the audience to read further. Each one of your arguments should be backed up with genuine information. This could be a time-taking process, as you have to research from various sources.
  • Explanation: Now comes the part where you get to explain all the information you have shared as evidence. This helps readers get a clear picture of your thinking process. Make sure that you make the best use of your writing skills. It’s your chance to impress the audience. Hence, the explanation part makes for a crucial aspect of the PEEL paragraph writing method.
  • Link: This is when you need to keep a structure in mind. You have to ensure that the last sentence of each paragraph must be linked in one way or the other to the first sentence of the next paragraph. The transition or linking of thoughts is the core of a well-written essay.

How to Write a Paragraph in PEEL Writing?

Write a Paragraph in PEEL Writing
Write a Paragraph in PEEL Writing

We have discussed “What is PEEL paragraph writing?”. Let us now see how you can structure your PEEL paragraphs.

  • Plan: It is necessary to create a plan before you start writing. This will help you in creating a smooth flow as you write. Create a list of all the ideas so that you can convert them into properly structured paragraphs.
  • Introduce: This step involves introducing yourself to your readers. It is a great way to develop an instant connection with the audience.
  • Give Examples: You must add relevant examples to convince readers about the authenticity of the information you are sharing. Doing this will break the monotony, and bring power to your argument.
  • Link The Statements: Linking is a method that helps you sum up your arguments.

Why is PEEL Paragraph Writing Used?

PEEL paragraph writing is an excellent method to bring life to your essays. The aim is to improve your academic writing skills by adding much-needed creativity. You do not want your essays to be bogus, and full of irrelevant information.

The technique helps you focus on the topic, and curate your essays in a readable format. This way you get to present your thoughts clearly and develop the ability to impress your readers. The supporting evidence plays a huge role in engaging the readers. It helps retain their focus on the topic.

PEEL Paragraph Examples For Better Understanding

PEEL Paragraph Examples For Better Understanding
PEEL Paragraph Examples For Better Understanding

We will explain this method further with PEEL paragraph examples.

Example #1: Should children be given personal mobile phones?

Argument: Children should not be given mobile phones without supervision.

Point: Children should not be allowed mobile phone usage as it hampers their attention span, and creates an unhealthy environment. It also increases their chances of becoming addicted to the gadgets due to constant notifications.

Evidence: As per a recent report, a significant percentage of children with an extended length of screen time find it hard to focus on their academics. A lot of teen mobile users also suffer from insomnia.

Explanation: The major reason children experience all these issues is due to lack of education, planning, and unhealthy boundaries which often go unnoticed by their parents.

Link: As per the evidence kids who spend prolonged hours on their mobile phones experience academic disinterest, anxiety, insomnia, and hence it is unhealthy for them to be exposed to lengthy screen-times without parental monitoring.

Example #2: Should uniforms be mandatory in colleges?

Argument: College uniforms should not be mandatory.

Point: A lot of people suggest that college uniforms should be mandatory as it fosters discipline among the students, and help in developing a sense of identity, whereas many argue that marginalized students cannot afford uniforms, and it also restricts the freedom of self-expression.

Evidence: The reports advise against the idea of college uniforms as they are all about commercialization rather than discipline. Uniforms do not add to the learning experience, make students uncomfortable.

Explanation: The college institutions are now focused on making money from their students, and the dress code is a part of the process. Instead, students can utilize this money in other areas, and explore themselves through their own understanding, and comfort.

Link: The opponents of the college dress code suggest that it is a futile addition to the expenses as it cannot improve academic scores, and affects the entire experience of college life. Therefore, college uniforms should not be an obligation.

Conclusion of PEEL Paragraph

PEEL paragraph writing technique is a fantastic way to write persuasive essays. This method helps you jot down your thoughts in an organized way, and makes it easier for the reader to grasp the point you are stating. Once you are done writing your essay, make sure to check beforehand that you have included all the elements precisely.

It is essential to keep your sentences clear and focus your paragraphs on the topic. Evidence helps your readers understand your argument better. By re-reading the above PEEL paragraph examples mentioned above, you can develop a better understanding of this strategy.

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