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All you wanted to know about Pecha Kucha presentation

PechaKucha in Japanese means “chit chat”.  So as per the Japanese language, Pecha Kucha’s definition is chit chat. It is the quickest storytelling website. It is believed that millions of users use it. Pecha Kucha is a PowerPoint display format that has revolutionized the industry. It is an excellent instrument for sharing interests and imparting wisdom. With it, you can demonstrate your ideas quickly in the form of a presentation, with a total of 20 slides. Each slide gets 20 seconds of commentary with images and powerful spoken words. Interesting and about creating a genuine presentation. The idea is to construct a presentation that is smooth, unforgettable, informative, and succinct.


How to pronounce Pecha Kucha?

There are two simple choices: correct Japanese, which is the right way, or wrongly Japanese, which, obviously, the wrong way. Multiple variations to wrong pronunciation.

It’s pronounced pe-cha-ku-cha. pronounce it as written. This is the Japanese version, with a similar emphasis on every four syllables.  Pe-chat-cha or pe-chach-ka are commonly popular mispronunciations. In this case, the stress on the second syllable.


Uses of Pecha Kucha in various places and fields

PechaKucha Nights: it is a place where people use PechaKucha. Audience all over the world share PK presentations, which are amusing, inspiring, and appealing. There are no experienced public speakers in this space. PK Nights attract audiences ranging from 50 to 5,000 people.


A business-oriented version of PechaKucha:

PechaKucha is used by businesses around the world as a quick and easy way to educate and link coworkers. PechaKucha lets companies hold chatting to a minimum and employee participation to a high, whether it’s inducting new hires, outlining a complex company mission, or sharing company happenings.

For Schools is a PechaKucha-style presentation for schools. The tool can be used as a teaching medium by both educators and students in both schools and colleges. It introduces the versatility and clarity of PechaKucha to electronic learners’ schooling. The 20X20 format adds depth to every topic and improves presentation engagement.


How to Make the Most of Pecha Kucha?

Given below are few Pecha Kucha ideas on how to make a Pecha Kucha presentation:

There is a big list of Pecha Kucha topics to choose from. Start with, insert photos as normal, resizing as necessary. Traditionalists would argue that there should be no language, just photographs or images of text. These should be overlaid over the images with caption. If you’re using the room for focus, it’s better to cover the screen.

For your narrative, prevent composing a document. Make a basic description for each slide’s main points. The ideal scenario will be when you are familiar with the Pecha Kucha topic ideas and subject. Use the guideline to prepare planning ahead of time, and wow the audience with your work.

Repeat the process before you’ve perfected your masterpiece. Use the narrative software and timings in PowerPoint if you’re new to presenting. The overall word count is based on your timing, so 60 words per slide is a decent starting point. Use as many Pecha Kucha examples as possible.

You may also capture the narrations for each slide in PowerPoint. However, don’t “save timings” until you’re done, since this would override the automated 20-second timer you set up earlier. Each Pecha Kucha may be perfection, so don’t get caught up in “performance anxiety.”


How to make a Pecha Kucha on Google slides?

We have to run 20 slides over 20 seconds for a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds long. This means there will be auto-advancing slides for 20 sec per slide. The slide should be made in such a manner that there is less text and more images to engage the audience. This way the audience will find the Pecha Kucha examples interesting and appealing.

    • You will have to go to add slides and blank slides on Google Slides. Add 20-second Auto-advance.
  • We can carry out this procedure on Windows and Mac
  • After launching Goggle slides, click on + sign on the top right side.
  • Choose 1st simple slide.
  • The default presentation will have Main Title and Sub Title partition.
  • Change this default slide to a blank slide.
  • Get 20 slides. For the same, click on plus sign slides 19 more times to get 20 slides.
  • Add images by inserting images from the inset menu or adding icons from the gallery or camera.
  • Choose an image and upload the image in the slides.
  • Resize the image. Maintain aspect ratio.
  • Repeat this process in each slide.
  • Go to file and publish to the web.




Presentation can be in a city such as Chicago. This presentation will be Pecha Kucha Chicago. This presentation will explain various beautiful aspects of Chicago city. It will also talk about the specialty of the city and its food cuisines. The focus can be on what attracts people most to the city. All these have to be presented in 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Only then, it would be a Pecha Kucha presentation.


Can I use Pecha Kucha on any type of presentation?

Yes,  you can use Pecha Kucha on any type of presentation. Given below are some areas, where the use of Pecha Kucha has been explained.

Converse regarding your hobbies: You must be having some hobbies. You must be indulging in it when you have leisure time. You can talk about what inspires you about your hobby and why do you like it. What are the things that make you happy when pursuing your hobby? Since you like them and have a wealth of information to share, you should provide a presentation about them.

Get your future academic plans: If you have taken a particular stream why have you taken it? What motivated you to take that particular stream? What did you find interesting in this stream? What are the fascinating aspects of this stream? How will it help you in your career?

Discuss about your traveling experience: Whether you like traveling, whether you’ve been on a road ride, or if you’ve been on a round-the-world trip. This can be a fun and simple subject to use for a Pecha Kucha presentation. You should insert pictures of your travel experiences and provide a brief description of them. You would be able to describe your worries when traveling and how you overcame them.


Talk about your experience in a restaurant:

Why did you go to the restaurant? What did you find interesting over there? Which food do you like the best in the restaurant? You can also talk about a trip that you have visited various types of restaurants. You should even share any detail regarding the eating patterns that have piqued your interest. If you like cooking and are a decent chef, you will also explore unique food recipes during this presentation.

Similarly, there are many topics you can talk about. This can be about the best songs of the 90s or the current songs. You can also create a Smart presentation on how to control your feelings or anger. If you are a vegan, feel free to describe the best aspects of being a Vegan. A review of favorite food outlets can also be considered.



Pecha Kucha presentation is one of the best ways to present ideas and thoughts in a simple impactful manner. All you get is 20 seconds for each slide and a total of six minutes and 40 seconds. This form of presentation ensures that the users or the customers don’t get bored by a big presentation. Importantly, the presentation is to the point and explains whatever is needed. The most attractive aspect of it is that it makes uses of images a lot over the text. This makes understanding the presentation easier. Pecha Kucha technique can be used with any topic. You may also visit our Assignment help web page for your Pecha Kucha presentation.