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The History Of Homework: How It All Started And When?

Homework tasks are an important part of academic life, as they facilitate the entire learning process. They are assigned to the students to help them clarify their concepts by indulging in deep analysis with self-study. But, the thought of working on the history of homework assignments overwhelms many students out there. They experience an instant fear and start seeing these assignments as a burden. The homework tasks have become quite complex due to the increasing competition. Nowadays, people prefer hiring professional homework help to ensure high scores in their subjects.

I liked the piano. I always liked playing. And I just hated homework.

— Mike Shinoda

But, do you ever wonder how did homework come into the picture? Who even invented homework, and for what purpose? In this blog, we will dig deep and reveal all these interesting facts for you.


What Is The Concept Of Homework?

Homework is a task or assignment work given to students by their teachers in school, college, or University. It has to be managed in the home premises and then submitted to the assigners. It usually includes the subjects and topics concerning the concepts that taught in the classroom.

The purpose behind the allotment of homework is to motivate the students to revise their concepts and ensure they have a fair understanding of the topics. This way, they have a better idea about their subjects, and there is a good scope for exploring further.

Homework remains an integral part of academics throughout the educational span. It empowers them by adding to their knowledge and allowing scope for the constant practice of the subjects. Working on a pile of homework assignments could be cumbersome for many. A professional homework help specialist could be a good option to unburden yourself.

Here, homework is not a punishment. They really like coming to homework club. We want it to feel like home.

— Amy Campbell


History Of Homework: The Origins

History of Homework: The Origin
History of Homework: The Origin

Homework is an age-old concept, and there are many speculations about its origination. As per the researches, various events and personalities are often believed to influence the origins of homework.

Here, let us introduce you to two of the most popular, and accredited personalities in the history of homework.

1. Pliny The Younger: 

The earliest traces of the existence of homework can be traced back to ancient Rome, when a Roman educator and teacher on oratory, Pliny the Younger, gave birth to this concept. He instructed the students to indulge in at-home activities. It all happened in Quintilian. The goal of these practice exercises was to encourage people to develop their public speaking skills, in a rather casual environment.

2. Roberto Nevilis Of Venice:

In 1905, an Italian educator, Roberto Nevilis is credited to start the practice of assigning homework to students, as per various sources. There are rumors that Nevilis often used homework to punish his students. Later on, homework exercises started impacting the performance positively. It made homework a regular task all over the globe. But, as per further inspection this claim seems like a myth.

3. Horace Mann: 

In the 19th century, an educationist reformer and politician, Horace Mann came forward with his revolutionary idea to implement homework as a regular task all around the world. He possessed a deep interest in transforming the German education system by making public education mandatory. Needless to say, it was a part of his political goals, which possibly facilitated the concept of homework becoming a necessary task nationwide.

But, how did Horace Mann came forward with this life-changing idea?

It all started when Horace Mann visited Volksschulen, a people’s school during his trip to Germany somewhere around 1843. In Volksschulen, mandatory assignment work was a part of their academic essential. Students were allotted specified tasks to do at home. They have to be complete within a particular time frame with homework help from their friends and family. Keeping his political enthusiasm in mind, Horace Mann brought the idea to America.

My homework was not stolen by a one-armed man

— Nancy Cartwright

The Anti-Homework Wave

Back in 1901 when the concept of homework was gaining popularity across various geographical locations, the Pacific State of California banned homework. As per the reports published in several prominent newspapers of that time, including The New York Times, parents and medical experts declared homework to be extremely dangerous for children’s health.

Homework: A Form Of Child Labor

Homework: A Form of Child Labor
Homework: A Form of Child Labor

Yes, homework was indeed proclaimed as a form of child labor by American Child Health Association in 1930.

1. Homework In The Progressive Early & Mid 20th Century

The late 19th and early 20th centuries shaped a positive image of homework. This was the rise of the progressive era, where teachers started working on ways to transform homework into more personalized assignments that fit the requirements to meet the needs of individual students. Maybe this is when students started indulging their peers and family in their at-home tasks for homework help.

2. The Cold War & Homework

After World War II, the Cold War started between Russia and America. The heating competition to outperform one another made U.S. authorities introduce meticulous homework in their education system to make sure that the American students achieve a higher success ratio in science and mathematics than the Russians.

3. Homework As A National Risk

In the 1980s, the U.S National Commission on Excellence in Education published a landmark report where it declared homework as an element that puts the nation at risk.

4. Early 21st Century & The Homework Ban

Due to the rising concerns of citizens and educators, the importance of homework was questioned again. Several published books from that era on this subject are the evidence.

5. Homework In The 21st Century

In the 21st century, homework has become a vital aspect of the education system. It is constantly supported by the teachers, parents, as well as experts. Today, homework is consider as a crucial element to encourage the development of skills and critical thinking in the learners. The internet-driven modern era even has introduced the unique concept of professional assignment help. Various online services provide expert guidance to students who find it difficult to manage their complicated homework assignments daunting.

We’ve done our homework and we think we’re going to be good with the Charger.

— John Fernandez

Why Is Home Teaching An Essential Requirement?

It is needless to say that the education system has evolved significantly since the early era. However, the educators prefer adhering to the traditional concepts as they perceive the home learning experience to be quite efficient. The assignments for homework help in the development of creativity, independence, and individual thoughts process.

Here are some of the significant points to support the fact that home learning experience is highly useful:

  1. Scientific concepts demand constant practice and repeated revisions.
  2. One can only achieve great results in the subjects that taught in class, with thorough learning. Else, the students may forget the material.
  3. At-home learning is an excellent approach for enhancing students’ skills and talents.
  4. The memorization of subjects is a practical way to gain expertise.
  5. The efforts of teachers may go in vain if the assimilated study material is not revise by the students, on time. Back in time, educationists understood this well which resulted in at-home learning and made the educational process a lot easier.

Working on the homework tasks, or home learning involves some major stages:

  1. Perceiving
  2. Comprehension
  3. Accelerating the process
  4. Development of new skills
  5. Applying the gained knowledge and skills practically

This is a promising way to empower the development skills in the learners which pushes them to go ahead and open the doors of success with a new perspective.


Homework is a form of home learning experience that has been through several ups and downs ever since its introduction in the education system. Despite being an integral part of the academic culture, homework remains a controversial concept. However, nobody can deny the exceptional benefits that homework offers. Recently there has been a spike in the services that offer custom homework help to students. This makes it a lot easier for them to manage both, their studies and assignments.

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