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The Best Controversial Topics for Lively Debates

The famous writer Margaret Heffernan once said that for true innovation and good ideas to emerge, you need debate and argument. A debate offers several benefits to students. It sharpens research skills, reinforces listening, and improves public speaking. They instill a lively and engaging classroom atmosphere. Debates are extensively used in colleges and schools. The key to winning is choosing the right controversial topics and researching well on them. It is one of the major strategies to emerge victorious in such a competition. This article will lay down plenty of controversial debate topics so that you find the perfect one for your next debate.

What makes up for a Good Controversial Debate Topic?

A controversial topic is something that ignites the interest of the debater and the audience. These topics spark spirited classroom discussions and lively disagreements. Exploring the most controversial topics makes students challenge their perspectives, ethics, and emotional instincts.

You become a more thorough thinker as you need to take a definite stance between two main arguments. Good controversial topics, such as capital punishment or abortion, need you to put your arguments with cold and hard facts. These develop your critical thinking skills, flex your analytical muscles, and builds skills necessary for a modern citizen.

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.”

-F. Scott Fitzgerald 

Controversial Debate Topics on Technology

Today, technological advancements have reached the extent that they have replaced many jobs. There are many issues surrounding technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

  • What is the influence of technological advancements on humans?
  • How can technology help us to save nature?
  • Should robots be given human rights?
  • Can technology help humans to conquer other planets?
  • How dangerous is Artificial Intelligence?
  • Is technology actually enhancing our quality of life?
  • Is technology helping us connect or making us more isolated?
  • Do modern laws do enough to contain technological advancements?

Highly Controversial Topics for Discussion

These highly controversial debate topics will help you acquaint yourself with broader issues and dive deep into research.

  • Are you in favor or not in favor of gun rights?
  • Should abortion be pro-choice or pro-life?
  • Is religious freedom the fundamental right of every citizen?
  • Do you consider animal research immoral?
  • Why is there opposition to vaccines?
  • Do you support the right to privacy? Why or why not?
  • Is free-market capitalism right?
  • Do we have a moral obligation to halt climate change?

Education Themed Controversial Topics 

Education faces several challenges, whether in college, high school, elementary or secondary school. Some of these challenges are mounting student loans, school safety, and curriculum revisions.

  • Should the government forgive student loan debt altogether?
  • Is it right to allow high school students to bring their cell phones into class?
  • Should students be allowed access to fast food?
  • Does giving homework help in student learning?
  • Create an argument in favor or against the exploitative nature of student loans.
  • Is a college degree a necessary requirement for getting a good job?
  • What mental health problems do university students commonly face?
  • Should every school accept mixing both genders?

“Debate and divergence of views can only enrich our history and culture.”

Ibrahim Babangida 

Controversial Political Debate Topics

Now that you are much more familiar with what are controversial topics, you can explore more of them. Politics is one domain that has no shortage of debate topics. Use any one of them of the following in your classroom.

  • Do you think monarchy should end globally?
  • Should religious schools be charged with taxes?
  • Is carrying an automatic weapon moral?
  • Should voting be compulsory for everyone?
  • Is taxation good or bad?
  • Should we lower the voting age?
  • Is mobile banking safe?
  • Is feminism good or harmful?

Good Controversial Topics Related to Health

There are many good controversial medical topics to research on. Don’t worry; you don’t require to be a medical student to debate them.

  • What relates to poor health and poverty? Does poverty lead to poor health?
  • Is the expense of healthcare in the US justified in your view?
  • Are you in favor of an opt-in or opt-out donor system?
  • Should homeless people have access to free healthcare?
  • Is womb transplantation a viable alternative to surrogacy?
  • Do you think that it is the duty of the organ transplantation committee to know the patient’s personal details when choosing the organ they will receive?
  • Should doctors report instances of organ trafficking?
  • Do you think uninsured people should get medical care?

DO REMEMBER: While preparing a debate topic, review credible sources on the subject.

Funny Controversial Topics for a Great Debate 

A funny, controversial topic helps you interact with your audience better. It also lifts their spirits. There are several funny and silly topics that work well in various settings. Let’s explore some of them.

  • What is really the correct way to pronounce GIF?
  • Are early risers more productive in their daily tasks than night owls?
  • Should you hang your toilet paper under or over the roll?
  • Would you prefer being extremely tall or short?
  • How many chickens are enough to make a successful attack on an elephant?
  • If all world leaders turn to women, will wars happen?
  • Do you want to be the hero or their sidekick?
  • Are humans living in a dream?
  • Do aliens exist, or have they already visited us?

Relationship Controversial Topics 2023 for Students 

Among the various subjects, relationships are highly debated of all. These topics are interesting as well as a bit different from those in other domains. Let us find out some that you can use.

  • How does a class’s psychological climate affect student’s learning?
  • Is a friendship possible between exes or not?
  • Are low-income families happier than those with single high-income earners?
  • Should parents interfere in the personal lives of their children after they reach adulthood?
  • The responsibility of men to make the first move in a relationship. Discuss the outcomes if a woman makes the first step.
  • Are long-distance relationships good for building trust between two people?
  • How do family conflicts cause health issues among children?
  • Do you have the right to read messages on your partner’s phone?

Points to Note When Looking for Controversial Topics

Here are some factors you must consider when finding a good debate topic.

  • The topic must be clear, and simple and state an idea with an affirmative and negative side.
  • Your topic should evoke your interest in arguing strongly about it.
  • The topic should make you feel excited to take a position.
  • The debate subject should have opposing views so you can make compelling arguments.
  • There must be sufficient evidence to frame a view about the topic.

Summing up

Now that you have discovered a range of controversial debate topics, preparing one won’t be hard. These topics will help you build many skills and boost your confidence. You can also get expert assignment help to create a good speech and win your debate.

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