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14 Thoughtful Controversial Research Paper Topics

A controversial research paper is one where the writer needs to give clear opinions that support their view. One of the most challenging parts of creating this type of work is the selection of suitable controversial research paper topics. Today, you can find lots of controversies in the world around you. Studying one intensely can prove to be an exciting activity. However, you’ll only find the whole process enjoyable if the topic really excites you. In this article, you’ll find in detail about controversial topics for your research paper and tips to choose a good one.

“No research without action, no action without research”

…Kurt Lewin

What are Controversial Research Paper Topics?

A controversial research paper has views on a controversial topic. These are those topics that have an extended public debate or dispute over them. These topics differ from the usual ones regarding their heated emotional and diametrically opposite viewpoints.

Today, we live in a state of constant controversy. Every country is divided along debate lines that are very emotional, personal, and heated. These topics affect vast chunks of the population. They often push toward one extreme or another. In the next section, you’ll find some of the most controversial topics for research paper. You can pick one according to your interest, study it deeply, and present your view in your writing.

Some Interesting Controversial Research Paper Topics

Many students feel confused while choosing a topic. It is often tough to find a single issue, as many are too acute to choose. Here are some good topics to study.

1. Civil rights

The Civil Rights movement was one of the most prominent phases in American history. But civil rights continue to remain a debatable topic till now. It implies freedom and protection under the law that all people should have. However, civil rights activists argue that the American culture is rife with racial inequality.

In this controversial topic, you can study groups and organizations that uphold racial equity against those on the side of maintaining a racial hierarchy.

2. Freedom of speech

The First Amendment safeguards freedom of speech and religious expression in the Bill of Rights, It also protects the right to an entirely free press against restriction. However, the controversy in this issue stems from sharply distinct ideas about what actually defines protected speech. It also extends from the methods that should or shouldn’t be utilized to restrict free speech.

3. Problem with organic food

You can read about the benefits or disadvantages of organic food everywhere. Experts can argue if or not organics are slightly less productive but are better for the environment. It is a good controversial research paper topic for which you won’t find any shortage of data.

You can study controversies like the impact of chemicals on organic food on human life or the quality of organic items compared to conventionally grown products.

4. Television violence 

Aggression can be relational or physical. Its extreme form is violence. Psychologists link violence shown on television to greater aggression among people. The proponents of the view that television violence leads to more aggressive behavior say so on the basis of field and lab experiments. You can refer to various cross-sectional studies to find in detail this link.

5. Climate change 

It is one of those controversial research paper topics that people have strong views on. This whole subject revolves around the effect of human activity on the temperature of Earth. It also includes the impact of man’s activities on plant life, weather, wildlife, and humans.

6. Study of biomedical ethics in Christian narratives 

There are various pressing issues in the context of Christian vision and narrative. But it’s not possible to generalize because multiple versions of Christianity exist. Some denominations outrightly reject medical interventions as they believe that body is sacred. But others state that medicine is the invention of God and that doctors follow the divine guidance.

You can study biomedical ethics in Christian narratives as your research paper topic.

7. Ethics of circumcision  

Among the various controversial topics for research paper is the ethics of circumcision. Some ethnic groups regard male circumcision as necessary, like Jews and Muslims. Its ethics is quite debatable, and various healthcare organizations have different views about it. You can study if it is acceptable or unacceptable to carry out this operation on women and men.

8. Death penalty 

It is a capital punishment, which is a part of legal punishment. This kind of punishment has been regarded as a matter of practical and constitutional disagreement. As a result, it has seen much legal fluctuation. There are various studies on it, which you can use to develop your views and opinions. It’s a very intense topic to explore.

9. Atheism 

Atheism is one of the highly popular controversial research paper topics. In simple words, it’s the absence of a person’s beliefs in deities. The controversy on this topic mainly revolves around the disagreement between those who don’t believe in the existence of God and those who do. More specifically, it concerns the treatment of these different beliefs in public places.

10. Embryonic cloning

It is the process of making a fertilized egg’s biological copy that creates a biological ‘twin.’ Put simply, this clone has the exact genetic makeup as the original one.

This topic has been the subject of political debate since many years. Although many politicians agree that cloning embryos for implantation should be banned, a discussion on the legal status of embryo cloning for destroying those embryos is ongoing.

11. Hacking  

It means using computer skills to disrupt another computer system. People can use this skill for both lawful and unlawful purposes. So, it’s one of the good controversial research topics you can study about.

You can analyze how different hackers use the skills for creating and destroying cybersecurity defenses. Activists also use it to undermine dictatorship. So, you can study this part of it as well.

12. Comparison of patient-centered and team nursing care model 

There are different ways of care delivery development. Typically, a healthcare center chooses a care delivery model and designs its work as per the model’s principles. This choice of the model determines how the care delivery processes will turn out. You can examine different models like traditional ones with an evolving model and put forward your views.

13. Cost of living in an online world

Although people are not entirely reliant on social networking online, they tend to pick online communication over real-life interaction. This trend is quite worrying. Social networks have a great deal of control over people and lead to the disintegration of people’s decision-making process over time. You can study this in greater detail from various studies in this domain.

14. COVID vaccines  

In the United States, schools everywhere are adopting new COVID vaccines updates. But opponents say that these vaccine mandates violate the liberties of an individual. Anti-vaccination activists are of the opinion that vaccination means inserting an impure thing into blood. You can study the COVID vaccines mandates controversy in detail and write a paper on it.

“Research is creating new knowledge.”

– Neil Armstrong

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are some good controversial topics for a research paper?

There are various compelling controversial research paper topics you can use to write your paper. It’s crucial to pick a strong topic right from the start, so you can compose a good paper. Some useful issues that you can use are as follows.

  • Surrogate mothers and how society views them.
  • STEM subjects should be compulsory for every student.
  • The violence depicted in media content.
  • Should homework not be given to children?
  • Gay partners and their adoption of a child.
  • Should sex education be imparted in middle school?


2. How to pick a controversial topic for a research paper?

Picking the right controversial research paper, theme or topic can be tough. You can follow these tips to choose a good one.

  • Brainstorm– Find a theme that excites you. Brainstorm topics that you desire to learn about more. You may be interested in exploring contemporary social issues or want to find out about a specific news piece.
  • Start researching– After finding a good theme, start studying it. Find basic data on it by going through articles and summaries.
  • Find substantial evidence– You must back all your claims with evidence. So, select a topic that you can study using credible sources.
  • Narrow down the topic– Good controversial research topics are not too broad or narrow. So, you can narrow your subject by limiting it to a specific period or analyzing only a specific area like Asia.
  • Do not study overused topics– The problem with topics studied by others before is that you cannot come up with a new perspective on them. So, look for new issues. They will allow you to provide an original view.


Final Thoughts

Now, you won’t face any problems in choosing good controversial research paper topics. The ones mentioned in this article will help you immensely in composing a unique paper. Additionally, go through the tips for selecting a perfect topic for yourself. If you ever get stuck midway writing your paper, seek expert paper help services. The writers will create a thoughtful piece on a robust controversial topic that will make it stand out from the rest.

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