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The Significance Of Authentic Assignment Writing In High School

Academic assignments usually fulfill the primary purpose of showcasing a student’s understanding of a specific subject(Authentic Assignment Writing). Further, it also enables the teachers to assess whether or not the student meets the academic criteria.

Contrarily, authentic writing focuses on the aspects and audience outside of the classroom. Regardless of the type, assignment writing is excellent for fostering critical thinking among children. Even there are assignment help specialists who ace in the academic writing of all forms.

In this blog, we will explore different aspects of authentic writing, its various forms, and ways to encourage authentic writing among students.


Why Is Authentic Assignment Writing Important?

One of the major benefits of authentic learning is, it offers a highly engaging learning experience, deepens the knowledge, and inspires you to innovate. Authenticity and originality are essential for any form of quality write-up.

Authentic writing gives students a real-life purpose and opens the doors for sharing their thoughts and opinions. This includes formats such as letters, articles, interviews, books, or business reports. Moreover, this type of writing makes them feel empowered, motivated and improves their communication skills.

Further, authentic assignments need students to apply their learning to new circumstances. It refines their abilities to identify and decide which ones of the skills and information are suitable for a certain situation and how to use them.

As per Grant Wiggins, a former president of Authentic Education (1998), an assignment should meet the following parameters for it to be authentic:

  1. It should be realistic
  2. It involves innovation and judgment
  3. The assignment should evaluate the student’s prowess to efficiently utilize the gathered information and combine their skills to accomplish a given task.
  4. It must allow ample opportunities for practicing, rehearsing, and consulting the resources. Moreover, it should provide them feedback. As a result, there should be scope for refining the products and performances.


Usually, the conventional assignments or tests work as a way to identify a student’s knowledge and skills acquired during the course. They are undeniably vital for a systematic education system. Homework help professionals are always there to help students with their difficult and complex subjects.

However, authentic assessments are highly motivating due to their real-world application. Nevertheless, they offer a more enriching experience. Besides, they require more time and hard work. They are comparatively more difficult to grade.


Authentic Tasks For Students: Some Popular Examples

1. Blogs: 

Blogging is a great way to journal your thoughts, queries, ideas and communicate them with a wider audience. You could write a blog about possibly anything. This includes current events, exploring views and ideas from a previous class, etc.

Blogs help in improving writing skills. Furthermore, it inculcates the approach of writing for the audience.


2. Student-Designed Assessments: 

Students can prepare mind-boggling quizzes and tests for one another. Doesn’t it seem like a highly engaging and motivating method? You can take assistance from assignment help masters in creating unique, and intelligent questions.    


3. Presentations: 

Another smart way is to display presentations in front of fellow students and teachers. It stimulates public speaking skills and generates a sense of confidence among the students. Additionally, taking audience feedback and acknowledging their concerns leads to betterment.


4. Community Newsletters: 

Engaging students in newsletter writing from a young age is an intelligent approach. It helps in developing their core knowledge.

Further, it builds a sense of awareness. A newsletter about their community occurrences can be further circulated to the local newspapers, parents, and school community. It empowers them to take up the charge and pushes them to write even better.

High school students can also be involved in producing scientific reports, infographics, podcasts, postcards, video scripts, brochures, etc.



How To Ensure & Promote Authentic Approach In Student Writing?

1. Permission To Choose

If you want the outcome to be fruitful, then it is essential to ensure students are deeply invested in the task. Thus, it is always best to let them choose for themselves.

This will help them grow through a facilitated learning experience. It further allows them to design plans to communicate their ideas to the world. If you lack writing skills, homework help experts are always there with their useful insights.


2. Have Real-Reasons To Write About

The need to leave a positive impact on others should come from within. This feeling would enable the students to identify how empowering their words could be. Thereupon, they would be inspired to adopt or invent new methods of writing to improve the world.

Without an objective or purpose, it is natural for the write-up to turn into simply a boring task. Thus, it eliminates the chances of betterment and change.


3. Surpass The Classroom Barrier

Conventional classroom writing tends to become mundane, as there is a lesser room for modifications. However, authentic writing comes with abundant opportunities as the stakes are high.

Every student tries to put their best foot forward to display their talent and appeal to the audience. 

What do we mean by that? Writing includes several factors such as content. Evidence, structure, organization, choice of words, layout, voice, etc. With time, they learn to explore the possibilities of improvement and work on it.


4. Don’t Worry About The Outcome, The Process Matters

Authentic writing requires your attention to be centered on the entire process, rather than the results. How a student composes and develops the idea through writing is primary. The layout, organization, structuring, style of writing, grammar, are secondary.

It means students should be involved in group discussions, brainstorming, revisions and research.

Moreover, what message has to be conveyed is considered foremost. If you lack proper writing skills, homework help services can rescue you from such situations.

Nevertheless, several drafts and editing are what it takes to accomplish the desired results.


5. Asking The Necessary Queries

Every student must introspect the task well before they start writing. It helps in gaining insight. Further, this would help them in taking appropriate decisions while drafting the assignment. Let’s have a look at these questions:

  • Is the evidence effective and convincing?
  • What would be my audience’s reaction to the thoughts and ideas?
  • Is the length relevant? Would my audience like my form of writing?



Final Words

Authentic assignments are highly engaging, which assure a powerful and efficient learning experience for the learners. Further, it helps then determine the audience’s taste, needs, and wants.

Moreover, this is an excellent way to prepare students for the future. Also, it encourages them to write according to the situation. Authentic write-ups require deep thinking and intrinsic motivation to achieve positive outcomes. Today, assignment help websites are ready to provide extended guidance to students for authentic assessment projects.

Needless to say, it is an intelligent way to foster the skills of writing about real-world scenarios. Moreover, authentic writing habits empower young children to serve society by making a difference. We hope you found this blog helpful.