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Know About 6 Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence In Education

From debating over appropriate screen time to bringing Artificial Intelligence in the classroom, the scenario has changed a lot after the Pandemic 2019. Witnessing the grave need and usefulness, it is expected that AI in the USA will grow by 47.5% as reported by the Artificial Intelligence Market in the US Education Sector report.


Nowadays Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not only helping marketers, scientists, or doctors but also is capable of providing help to students and teachers. Who knows if it will offer assignment help someday or, if you have ever noticed, essay typer is already doing the job. 



How AI Can Be A Successful Addition To The Education

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to perform all the tasks already performed by humans. Though, many experts still believe that the importance of teachers cannot be replaced and AI can only be a helping hand. 


Considering that, let’s take a look at the key aspects of how AI is and can be used in education and offer assignment help.


1. Personalize Education:

AI can assist the school to find out what a student likes and where it has complexity in understanding. Based on that, for each student, a personalized schedule can be prepared. It will help him/her in learning and filling the knowledge gaps with other students. 

One recent example is seen in the classrooms of eastern China. AI headbands developed by US-based company BrainCo are used to measure the concentration level of students.

It will help in measuring:


  1. Focus area of each student.
  2. Topics that they find fun learning and complex to understand.
  3. Time, each student requires to grasp a concept.


Further, there can be many other advantages that will help students to grow personally on an individual level. 


2. AI Automate Grading Help:

An educator can fetch some extra time to work with and on students; if jobs like, assessing the test papers, grading, and replying to students on emails or chat boxes get sorted. 


Although the standard of AI grading may not match the educators.  Still, it can make the work quick and simpler in many terms. 


  1. AI can be a great help for multiple-choice questions.
  2. AI can suggest and explain the fill-in-the-blank tests. 
  3. For logical and mathematical tests AI can check step-by-step or by formulas.


Undoubtedly, AI cannot grade creativity but can help on fixed parameters. Further, it has much potential with enrollment and admission processes. 


3. Produce Smart Content 

The same content may not fit all the students.  But how amazing would that be if AI can produce smart content? 


It can be anything from digital lessons to adding the latest updates, students will have everything on the tap of their fingers. 


  • Digital Lessons:

A student-friendly digital interface can promote learning in an interesting and fun way. Here, students will get customization options, digital textbooks, quick doubt help, study guides, bite-size lessons, and more.


  • Attractive and Informative Visualization: 

visuals have a great and long-lasting effect on human memory. Therefore, AI-introduced visuals can produce informative content and create an adaptive web-based study environment.


  • Easy Content Updates:  

Unlike textbooks, digital content can be tweaked and updated anytime. It will eliminate the confusion among students regarding which book to buy and also will not be heavy on parents’ pockets. 


4. Making Education Fun And Flexible

Many times, students feel monotonous and that’s when AI can make learning fun. For instance, reading out history can make students sleep but if explained with 3D visuals, it may develop keen interest. 

Likewise, educators can take help from AI for explaining many concepts which are complex, boring, and are tough in text format. 

Talking about flexibility, AI has an immense network that can bring the entire world after students. 



5. Tutor Or Extra Support To Students

Students as they grown-up need some extra help while parents are busy or not familiar with their subjects. In such circumstances, AI can support kids with different subjects, offer assignment help, or help in preparing for tests and exams.  

Further, it can be a great support system for students who:

Hesitate in asking queries in the class or need multiple explanations. 

Want to grow their personality without joining a physical class.


Along with that, for many purposes, an AI can become the tutor and provide extra support to the students. 


6. Universal Access To All Students

Relocation is one of the reasons students drop the idea of going abroad. However, artificial intelligence has the potential to bring global classrooms available to those who: 

  1. Can’t relocate to a new place or country. 
  2. Speak different languages. 
  3. Are visual and hearing impairments. 
  4. Cannot attend school due to some illness or distance.
  5. Requires help for a specific subject. 



Recent Examples Of AI Use In Education

1. GradeScope

As mentioned above, Gradescope is one such platform that assists educators to grade tests, assignments, and answers.

Gradscope is saving educators’ time by 70% or more. Along with that, it provides a detailed analyzed report of students and highlights the weak and strong areas of each student. 


2. Brainly

With the motto of “For Students, By Students”, Brainly is offering a peer-to-peer learning platform for homework help and learning together. 

Here, students can ask questions, discuss concepts and collaborate with each other. The platform is capable of filtering out low-quality content that includes incorrect answers.


3. Duolingo

With a huge audience, the language-learning app is formulating its edtech quality. It has been assisting people throughout the world in learning foreign languages and assesses their progress with short quizzes, and other testing tools. 


But the question that lingers on is that:


Will AI entirely replace the importance and need of educators?

The answer is, No. AI in many aspects like logic or numbers may have an upper hand but the connection that an educator develops with his/her students is typical for an AI to have. 

An AI tool may be advanced in calculating numbers but empathy can only be developed in humans. For creative subjects like assignments, essays, or paper writing, Online Assignment Help Service can help better than an AI.



Final Words 

Artificial intelligence in education can be a terrible advancement that sooner or later will take place. From recruiting to helping students in assignment help services or choosing careers, Artificial Intelligence will become a part of everyone’s life. Nonetheless, dependency on the AI over a limit will only hurt the human and its natural growth. Therefore, we all need to be mindful of our habits and potential because only humans have the capability to create and understand things better than anyone or anything in the world. 

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