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The Common Essay Mistakes Students Make – Things You Must Know!

Are you burning the midnight oil trying to write your academic essays but still ending up with low grades? Whether it is about failing in adhering to the structure or struggling to devise a strong thesis- students often find it hard to craft an effective essay paper. All these factors are enough to diminish your confidence levels and eventually de-motivate you from writing academic papers. Thus, it is best to look at the common essay mistakes to understand where you must be going wrong and what you can do about it.

After all, it is best to improve your writing habits and overall quality of academic projects!

Worst Essay Writing or Common Essay Mistakes Students Often Make!

Mistake #1: The Content Is All Over The Place

The requisite for any kind of academic writing project is quality content. What does it mean?

You need to ensure writing an interesting introductory body and keep the information perfectly organized throughout the write-up. Further, conclude everything on a powerful note that leaves an ever-lasting impression in the readers’ minds. This is a formula that every essay writing service specialist swears by.

Here are some of the ways to achieve this.

  • Adding facts, figures, and other such details in your essay is a great way to boost its credibility and attract the audience’s attention.
  • The introduction should include background details to build the story in the reader’s mind.
  • Write a thesis statement to layout your ideas clearly.
  • Do not shy away from using examples to state your ideas.
  • As we said earlier, end your essay by emphasizing your purpose of writing. Let them ponder over the topic long after they are done reading your paper.


Mistake #2: A Vague Thesis Confuses The Readers

The thesis statement in your essay has to be clear, crisp, and direct. A lot of times, students do not spend enough time crafting the thesis.

As a result, they end up with a vague thesis where the perspective is unclear. Hence, you struggle with explaining your viewpoint to the readers.

In this case, the best way to resurrect it is by revising the statement and editing it. The idea is to dig deeper than usual, then try answering the how’s and why’s.


Mistake #3: Not Being Mindful Towards Styling Your Writing

Even if you begin your essay paper with an interesting story, it is likely to leave a poor impression if the style is incorrect.

Now, you may be wondering what exactly does styling means? Let’s take a glance at our top five picks.

  1. Repeating or over-using a word: Using the same form of a word repeatedly in a write-up would make it seem boring and dull. Instead, it is always recommended to use synonyms and substitute them with something more suitable. This is what online assignment help professionals do to achieve valuable outcomes.
  2. Overusing passive sentences: As per the general writing rule, it is always best to keep the sentences in active voice. That is more direct and easier to read. Thus, reduce the usage of passive sentences. You can keep it up to 20 percent, but not more than that.
  3. Sentence length matters: Always make sure that your sentences are appropriately structured. Sentences that are too short or too long are quite hard to understand. Thus, it is always best to maintain a balance.
  4. Start your sentences with coordinating conjunctions: The primary reason to use coordinating conjunctions is to connect the clauses and words within a single sentence. However, do not repeat it too often. You can also try using transition words such as however, furthermore, moreover, consequently, etc.
  5. Using vocabulary just the right way: Make your academic essay exciting and valuable by using proper vocabulary. Rather than using informal terms, replace them with a formal phrase or word.


Mistake #4: Look For The Grammatical Errors

Keeping the grammar on-point is the foremost requirement while writing an essay paper. Yet, this is where students mostly struggle. So, our essay writing service masters have compiled a list of grammatical errors spotted in academic tasks.

  1. Mistakes in the form of the noun: You need to be clear with the countable and uncountable nouns rules. Further, understand the right way to use determiners with singular and plural nouns.
  2. Errors with verb forms: Always take care of using the auxiliary and stative verbs. Further, be mindful while using the modal and infinite verbs.


Mistake #5: Over-Stuffing Your Essay With Arguments

When it comes to writing a powerful essay, you need to craft a strong thesis. And, the thesis has to be defended with significant arguments.

This is where students end up making mistakes. In order to argue, they include a lot of stats, facts, quotes, figures, etc.

So, what is the basic rule for writing arguments? Say, if you are working on a five-paragraph long essay, keep the arguments to a total of three in number. Else, you will only complicate your essay.


Mistake #6: Not Proofreading And Editing The Content

So, you are finally relieved after completing your essay paper. But, wait- are you really done?

While there could be grammar, spelling, and punctuation-related errors, content quality may be quite poor.

Thus, you need to revise and modify the write-up carefully. Here, you have to stay focused on the content as well as the organization of information. Also, you must properly assess the referencing style, punctuation, and other elements. The online assignment help experts highly stress following this strategy to remove your common essay mistakes.


Mistake #7: Skipping The References

As you write an essay, do not forget to reference the credible sources from which you have gathered the information. This is especially crucial when you are using other writers’ work. Of course, you are going to paraphrase everything to avoid plagiarism. But, never forget to reference the original source of text at the end of your essay paper.

Carefully cite the sources and also mention the page number. It empowers your write-up by showing the reader that you have a proper understanding of the sources to which you are referring the sources.


Mistake #8: Being Ambiguous In The Introduction Or Conclusion

Always stay clear while mentioning your ideas, thoughts, and information. This includes introducing the core concepts and writing a powerful thesis statement.

Further, keep making sure to include a concise summary in the concluding paragraph. You can also restate the thesis statement here.

These simple elements can be so effective in revamping the overall quality of your essay papers. Last but not least, thoroughly revise everything over and over again. It will help you deliver perfectly structured content.


Mistake #9: Not Adhering To An Outline

Wouldn’t you agree that sticking to an outline is essential to keep the information organized? This is what many students tend to forget.

When you start working on your academic tasks, it is best to adhere to an outline. This might require you to invest some extra time into planning and crafting the outline structure.

However, once you start following this process, you will never look back! In fact, experienced essay writing services specialists stick to this one tip. It gives you a directional approach and an opportunity to arrange the ideas meaningfully.


Mistake #10: Ending Up With Plagiarized Content

You must be aware that plagiarism is considered a heinous crime in the academic world. While you can use various resources and gather the required information, you should never copy the content!

Students can paraphrase everything in their own words. This is more like taking inspiration from authentic resources. However, in this case, you need to reference and cite the original source within the essay paper. Else, you would go through unwanted consequences.


Mistake #11: Failing To Comply With The Assigner’s Instructions

If you are in the process of writing your essay paper, then pay close attention to the set of guidelines and instructions laid by your teacher.

A failure to follow these instructions can land you in undesirable situations.

For instance, you are assigned to work on a 5-paragraph essay of 1000 words. But, since the topic excites you and you are able to research it properly, you have extended the content length. Do you think this will compel your assigner to reward you with some extra points? Not at all!

In fact, it only displays your neglectful attitude towards the professors. Further, it makes you seem like a careless individual, incapable of following the necessary guidelines.

Therefore, it is better to take time and go through all the points pre-defined by your teacher. It would make things easier for you. The online assignment help guides also emphasize this point.

If you have a hard time writing your essay papers, then it is best to hire professionals. They offer extended assistance and help you in delivering top-notch quality academic papers within the stipulated time frame.


Wrapping Up of Common Essay Mistakes

So, these are the top common essay mistakes that students make while drafting their papers. We hope our list will help you identify the errors keeping you from achieving high scores despite your creative writing skills! 

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